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      Update #47 August Boxes: Another month, another new juicy box! Possible Rewards: 5 x Store Boxes, 20 x OP Keys, 2 x $50 Bonds, Black Dragon Helmet (Melee/Range + 80% d/r), Black Dragon Platebody (Melee/Range + 80% d/r), Black Dragon Legs (Melee/Range + 80% d/r), Flaming Sword (Has a 10% chance to deal additional fire damage) Supreme Berserker Aura (50% additional melee damage) Offhand Hellfire Sword (BIS) Daily Rewards: You can now be rewarded for the more often you login! The same lock that applies to achievements, will apply to this. This will stop multiple accounts claiming. Rewards: Day 1: 5 x Crystal Keys Day 2: Supreme Mystery Box Day 3: 5 x Scratch Cards Day 4: Insanely OP Key Day 5: Infernal Mystery Box Day 6: Double Xp Scroll Day 7: Double Drop Scroll Day 8: $5 Bond Day 9: 20 x Taxbag Box Day 10: 10,000 x Tax Bags Day 11: 2 x Double Xp Scroll Day 12: 2 x Double Drops Scroll Day 13: $10 Bond Day 14: Special H'ween Mask After the 14th day, you will reset and go back to day 1. These rewards will often change, so best to keep logging in. AFK Tree Rewards Revamp: You will now obtain AFK Tree Tokens whilst using the AFK tree. Rates are approximately 1600-1800 per hour. These can be spent in the shop below which is found at ::AFK; SUMMER SALE NOW ACTIVE ON ::DONATE UNTIL 1ST AUGUST! The Sell for Taxbags shop now accepts items from raids and a few others. (If anymore need to be added, please put it on discord) Unique model has been added for weed plants at the Drugs Lab. Added additional logs to help Jake monitor. Lit void now produces +40% damage instead of +20%. Stoner gear has been nerfed. Removed messages generated when hand cannon shots proc effect. $5 bond in Drugs Lab is now a $10 bond. Dagannoth Kings rings will no longer announce as a rare drop. Ring of the Gods will no longer announce as a rare drop. Fixed an issue causing delays when opening POS. Please reload your client.