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      Update #56 Pokemon Chamber: Enter the chamber to battle the trio Elite Charmeleon, Squirtle & MewTwo. Each use a different style of combat, so it's highly suggested you do this as a group! Requirements: Pokemon pet T7 (Must be spawned when you tp) Stats: Hitpoints: 6,000,000 (18,000,000) Weakness: Combat Triangle Respawn: 30 seconds Unique Drops: Evolution Stone (Used to make Elite pokemon) Raichu tail (Amulet slot cosmetic) Ash's Hat (Cosmetic) Inactive Pokemon Gauntlet (AOE/Magic - To activate you must research it) To upgrade to the Pikachu Elite, you need four evolution stones and all Tier 7 Pets (Charmeleon, Mewtwo, Pikachu, Squirtle). All pumpkin picking will now give noted pumpkins until the event ends. Loop & Tooth half of crystal key are now stackable. Champion vader has been buffed. Unholy Cursebearer's drop table has been removed. DZ3 skavid's have been relocated. Raids armour now has 45% droprate per item. You can now combine Mystery boxes to make Supreme mystery boxes. Please reload your client.