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    1. Tells us about yourself?:I'm an Australian Born Male. Been playing RS / RSPS For over 10 years. I have had multiple experiences on servers where i was the Core Member of Staff, organising events and maintaining QOL on servers. Im a direct and positive influence on members in game and help and assist members outside IRL whenever they need assistance with real world issues. A great deal of my spare time has been dedicated to Mythical and as a Previous Staff member i would ike to rejoin and make IT fun for all. Name: Andy Age: 26 In-game Username: M E O C / Gridlocked In-game Play time: 1016 Hrs Do you use our discord server (Yes/No): Yes Timezone:+10:00 Sydney, Australia Your average time you play daily (example 1-2h): 3 hours constant with no AFK's . DUE TO WORK CONSTRAINTS THAT WOULD BE FROM 7pm AEST - 10:30pm . Previous staff experiences if any?:Mythical PS. I can state others if needed via PM Why you think you fit the staff position (basically a goal as to why)?:As ive stated above, i have been a staff member previously which was a rewarding and rich feeling i recieved. I would like to help and assist the staff on maintaining their positive influence on the server with all the help and assistance to new and experienced players. As a veteran, it was great to see some staff help. I would like to be the driving factor to help improve QOL for New members and Clean and filter through members who disrupt and ruin a positive experience to all. If you have any weaknesses that could prevent you from getting this staff position?: Would probably be just basic pricing of fresh items. I have a core understanding , but a refresher course would definitely Help alot Hope to hear from you all SOON! Goodluck and may the Odds be forever in your favor!
    2. GridLocked

      Update #23

      Alot of extra content being added! Love it! Extremely excited to see the outcome!
    3. ----Mining Guide---- Getting you to where you need to be! 1-99 guide - STEP 1 : Starting Off - To start of this guide, I'll be showing you how to start mining if you're a basic Skiller. To start, Click on your status Bar tab and click on the Mining Skill. Now make your way west of the teleport and speak to the Mining Instructor, there he will have equipment for you to start your mining Journey! All Ores are located at this location, feel free to wonder around and play around and see which way helps you level quicker. - STEP 2 : Mining - Experience Per Ore : (Double experience / No Double experience) Copper - 4774 EXP / 2387 EXP Tin - 4774 EXP / 2387 EXP Iron - 7546 EXP / 3773 EXP Coal - 10626 EXP / 5313 EXP Gold - 14106 EXP / 7053 EXP Mithril -19404 EXP / 9702 EXP Adamantite - 29444 EXP / 14722 EXP Runite - 46574 EXP / 23287 EXP Crashed Star - 50640 EXP / 25320 EXP Quickest way to Level Mining Ore Count : (Double experience / No Double Experience 1-15 : Copper/Tin - 1 Ore / 2 Ore 15-55 : Iron - 22 Ore / 44 Ore 55-75 : Mithril - 30 Ore / 59 Ore 75-85 : Adamantite - 86 Ore / 172 Ore 85-99 : Runite - 210 Ores / 420 Ores - STEP 3 : Finishing off with Skill Cape - Now that you have achieved what others have dreamed of, you can now show off your amazing skill cape and tell em that Gridlocked helped you along the way! The Skillcape Shop owner can be found East after teleporting back to Home. If you liked this guide, Please Feel free to leave any comments down below and i'll respond to them accordingly! Cheers! Gridlocked.