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    1. DrShemp

      Update #25

      Nice updates.
    2. DrShemp

      Update #24

      Love the vote chests & updates thanks.
    3. Thank you for the clue's
    4. DrShemp

      Update #20

      Great update thanks.
    5. DrShemp

      Melee Weapon Tiers

      Thanks I now have the hellfire shadow sword 😄 Nice guide
    6. Great guide thanks time to get my mage gear
    7. DrShemp

      Update #22

      Only legendary donators can use dwarf cannon's now, How are we suppose to get comp cape if we can't finish achievement fire 5k cannon balls? Other than that great updates
    8. Thank you for this guide now I can get 99 mining
    9. DrShemp

      Update #21

      Nice updates, love them thanks.