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    1. Hello Everyone, Just a quick rundown on the chest room in the home area you can quickly access by typing ::chest in chat. I will be showing you all the chests, recycler, upgrader, perk lectern and research table. Here is a screenshot showing the layout of the area and the corresponding numbers will be explained below. 1. Research Table This table will let you combine items, and sometimes bags of money are also required. Items can be combined into stronger items or keys. This will be the same recipe every time, however some items will have a 50% chance to fail and the item will be destroyed. This will let you know if this is the case, if it does not say this it will not break. 2. Perk Creation Lectern This amazing, unique mechanic added by Connor combines multiple pieces of different, or the same bit of gear and gives you a permanent aura, or perk, depending on what you have researched. Some include, bonus exp, 10% max hit increase, rare chest loot increased by 10%. This will destroy the items upon creating the perk so be aware of this. 3. Insanely OP Chest + Fucking OP Chest This is a very expensive chest to unlock but has some of the best rewards in the game. You can either use an Insanely OP Key or a Fucking OP Key on the chest for some juicy rewards. The first screenshot will show the Insanely OP Chest rewards, the second will show the Fucking OP Chest rewards. 4. S.W.A.T Chest This is the S.W.A.T Chest, the second custom raid we have on the server. When you kill each of the four bosses in the raid you will get a key from each which you can use to open the raid chest once. This works the same for all three of the raids. This raid's rewards are okay, however the item you are looking for is the Riot Baton as this is used for an expensive item upgrade later on. This raid will give the second most amount of points for completion. You may also get a perk for double keys to drop from all three raids so you can get two chances of items from each chest 5. Lava Raid Chest This is the first raid of the three, this chest drops okay items again, nothing worth noting in here but if you get lucky you can still make a bit of money from this chest. This raid will give the least amount of points for completion. 6. Kingdom of Hearts Chest This is the third and hardest raid of the three. The rewards here are okay as well, the best being the $25 bond. 7. Recycler The recycler is a station in which you can use an item on it to exchange it for recycled coins. You can right click and examine an item to see the amount of coins you will get before recycling an item. Some items cannot be recycled so will not show an amount of coins when examined, but a small amount of items can be recycled but do not show an amount when examined any way. You can buy many great items in here with your recycled coins, including increased exp, drop rate, offensive and defensive auras, and double item drop scrolls. 8. Item Upgrader This is where you can upgrade items into other items. Unlike the research table you are choosing one item to upgrade into another item, but nothing here is 100% chance as it upgrades into something a lot better than the item you are upgrading from. The best item to upgrade here are Rainbow Skateboards dropped by spawned event boss Shuk. They have a 10% chance to upgrade into a $10 bond 9. Red Key Chest Red Keys are mostly dropped from slayer, but can drop from other sources like S.W.A.T Raid and Skotizo. This key is a low tier key and basically everything is cosmetic bar one or two drops like Penguin Teleport which can be worth a lot. 10. Crystal Key Chest The Crystal Key Chest is the lowest chest you can open as keys are very common. You can get Crystal Keys from many sources like achievements, mystery boxes, mob drops and many more methods. Basically everything you get from here is not worth anything and is mostly cosmetic. 11. Seasonal Donation Machine This is the big boy chest. This is a seasonal machine so is changed up every now and again with brand new items, making the ones from here expensive, rare, and limited time only. The key parts are hard to get and expensive to buy but the pay-out could be massive. A lot of the items here are very useful, best in slot, or very powerful, not just for cosmetic purposes. Key parts are dropped by Shuk boss, clues and supreme mystery boxes. There is also are two banks in the back middle of the room. You should know what these looks like.