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    1. Name: Cody Hopkins Age: 23 In-game Username: Integrel In-game Play time: 108hr Do you use our discord server (Yes/No): yes Timezone: U.S Eastern Your average time you play daily (example 1-2h): 5-15 Previous staff experiences if any?: Yes, multiple. Owned and developed a server a few years ago, had roughly 50-80 players online. Was support for the old ikov as i knew the owner. Why you think you fit the staff position (basically a goal as to why)?: I enjoy helping new players and other players with questions and tasks around the game, when someone needs help I normally am the first to try and figure out what i can do or lead them in the right direction. I very much enjoy this server and hope to see new players stick around, sometimes new players are unable to figure out the server if they did not read a starter guide or simply never played a custom rsps. If you have any weaknesses that could prevent you from getting this staff position?: The only weakness i could see is being in the U.S but to be honest that would allow U.S players to have a support staff on when most of the other staff is not on due to being in the U.K. I would very much like this position and think that i would be a perfect fit for the role.