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    1. Hey everyone, this rsps has some flaws and things that kinda don't make sense, but just cause im saying that doesnt mean that i dont like this rsps, i play many rsps's that are good and they still have flaws, i'm not saying it should be perfect but it should have some things that make proper sense. My ideas of some things that should be added are placeholders, placeholders are a key to having an organized bank and keeping it in order. but when you don't have your items in order, you cant find things in your bank sometimes and its very annoying especially when you have a big bank and don't know which item from which, this happens to me a lot when i'm at a point where i have a lot items. another idea is the M logo on the interface or HUD (whatever you call it). Cause i like to play most games in full screen, but when i look at the guide I couldn't find the M logo on the screen. So i was confused for an hour trying to see another way to open the teleport for bosses. My 3rd idea is to fix the account starter items, I was confused and thought I skipped the tutorial guide throughout the rsps that shows all the areas and gives you the items you start off with. So I just went to train to get some task rewards for some gp and other items like any other rsps would give you. Also lastly, please, please fix the box selection cause some of them i have to be spot on with my mouse. I really wish this rsps could get some better improvements. - Aleigha AKA: Gex
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      Update #30

      please add bank placeholders