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    Found 1 result

    1. Melee Armour Tiers: From low-End-game. This is just from pure teleports no box stuff or store stuff. (OP KEYS AND STORE BOXES ETC) Up first from the lowest form of melee armour is Bandos set. You can obtain this set via kill General Graardor in the easy boss tab. Next up is Sparta armour from the Snail teleport in starter section. Talk to Eblis after getting Sphinx tokens to grab your rewards! Purgatory armour set obtained via Mario's in the starter teleport section or ::train. Illumination set - obtained via Glod in the Easy bosses tab. - Mainly a defence armour set but thought I'd include it for those defence stat peeps? 😄 Silver Torva set - Obtained via the Skeletal Horror boss in the Medium bosses tab. The hulk set. You can obtain the hulk set by killing Hulks at the medium bosses tab. mega high defence stats and decent str. (an upgrade imo to Illumination) Rex set - Obtained by killing the Angry Rex's. Decent Attack bonuses, defence bonuses and Str bonus. Crex - High end melee tier armour obtained by first getting the 500 kill count at ::minions or crex minions. Then you can proceed to kill Crex in the Hard boss tab. Once you've obtained a crex set or two, you can take a shot at upgrading the crex body and legs to Blackstone Vesta at the Upgrader npc at ::home by the alters. This set is currently in the process of being buffed so don't be put off by the screenshot below I will swap it out once the Buff for it has arrived. Regards, Jake PS. If I've missed anything out for melee armours do tell.