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    Found 2 results

    1. Price Guide (Revamped) Drop rate Pets Goku pet - 400-500k Goku pet elite 60% d/r - N/a Hellfire dragon pet 30% d/r - 100-200k Infernal Beast pet 20% d/r - 5-15k Hulk pet 20% dr 10-20k Venomous spider pet 15% d/r 5k Drop Rate Items 200% dr scroll (this scroll is permanent and will stay in your inventory) 1m-1.5mbags 175% dr aura (seatroll) N/a 600-800k Dark lord Cape 125% dr 125-150k Blood Justiciar 100% d/r body/legs 500-700k ea Elite Succubus 100% d/r + bis melee stats 3-3.5m For set Blood Justiciar 100% d/r helm 100-300k Spirit cape 100% dr 100-110k Ring of Devotion (i) 75% dr 100-125k Rose gloves 60% dr 100-125k 80-100k Ringmaster boots 60% dr 100-150k 80-100k Goku's head 60% dr + stats 200-300k Seatroll helm 60% d/r +BIS range helm N/A 200-300k Valentine's Hat 50% d/r N/a 500-600k Heart orb 50% d/r 450-500k Goku's Gloves 50% dr + stats 200-300k Ring of devotion 50% dr 10-15k Bone cape 50% d/r 30-50k 50% d/r increasing boots 20-30k Paper sack 50% d/r 30-50k Karamja gloves 50% dr 45-55k Coll neck 15% dr 20-40k Coll (i) 20% d/r 50-75k Acid justiciar armour 15% d/r = 80-100k ea Abyssal armour 15% d/r - 10k ea Double drop scroll 2 hours 10-15k Scroll of Praise 2 hours 10-15k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recycling coins 2 recycling coins = 1 bag (however this depends on the seller could be 1:1) 140% d/r Aura - 90-170k 130% dr aura 70-150k 50% dr aura 25-35k Half prayer reduction aura 25-35k 50% bonus xp aura 8-15k Extra hit chance aura 25-35k Off-hand recycled maul 40-60k Off-hand robotic sceptre 30-50k Off-hand salvaged dart 30-50k +10% Melee damage Aura 50-70k +10% Magic damage Aura 50-70k +10% Ranged damage Aura 50-70k 50% bonus xp Aura - 10-20k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Misc Items Unlimited overload 80k-150k Unlimited prayer 300k-600k Unlimited prayer upgrade scroll extension (makes prayer scroll last 30mins) 1m* Dark lord tokens 5k-10k ea Owner cape N/a Owner cape (U) N/a Blow your head off gun N/a Blow your head off gun (U) N/a P2W ring N/a P2W ring (U) N/a P2W ring (UI) N/a Dragon bone cape 500k+ Discounted wings 200-400k Cupids bow N/a 1m-1.5m Op Key 15-20kk (may drop in price 10-15k)? Ecto tokens 1-4 ea Infernal pickaxe 5-10k Infernal kite shield 5-10k infernal boots 50-65k Collectors necklace 40-50k Collectors necklace (i) 60-70k Connor's Bling 15-20k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Other Combat Items Melee Armours Illuminati armour = 1k ea Silver torva = 2k ea Defender armour pieces = 4-6k ea Rex armour pieces = 5-8k each Vortex armour = 5-10k ea Hulk piece = 10k ea Oreo armour = 10k ea Crex armour = 15k ea Blackstone statius helmet / vest body & legs = 70-90k* Regular Succubus armour pieces = 200-400k ea Lime Rex armour 5k Melee Weapons Hellfire shadow sword 200k - 250k bags (supply and demand) Infernal Scythe n/a Hellfire sword 150-175k Lit sword 60-85k 35-40k Mythical longsword 30-50k Crex scythe 10-15k ea Shark tooth sword - 5-8k Dragon bone scimitar - 3-5k Defender sword - 3-6k Talis sword - 1k Abyssal dagger - 500-1k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ranged Armours Molten king's armour pieces 100-150k ea 80-100k* helm is cheaper Darth Maul armour pieces 15-20k Ancient Sirenic armour pieces 10-15k ea Skyrocket torva armour pieces 5-10k ea Vortex armour 5-10k ea Crimson pernix 2-5k ea American elite pernix 1k ea American pernix 250-500 ea Ranged Weapons Blow your head off gun (U) N/a Blow your head off gun N/a Cupids bow N/a 1-1.5m Mythical Supreme bow 125-175k Insane Pew Pew 50-75k Molten kings Minigun 50-70k Mythical supreme crossbow 30-45k (collectors item in my opinion) Animal bow 20-30k Rainbow minigun 10-15k Darth maul bow 10-15k Dragon minigun 5-8k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Magic Armours Dark Blue Magic set 1-3k ea Purplefire Magic set 3-8k ea Frozen Magic set 5-10k ea Vortex Armour set 5-10k Dragon-age Magic set 20-40k ea Infernal Virtus set 400k-500k ea Magic Weapons Hellfire Battlestaff 175-200k Xmas pudding wand 200-250k+ Dragon lava staff 50-75k Frozen staff 40-60k Deathblue Staff 20-35k Ancient Trident - 15-20k Infernal battlestaff 10-15k Staff of Infernal 5-8k Bomb ting 2-3k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ World Boss Totems World Totem #1 60kk bags (this is down to supply and demand) World Totem #2 50k (this is down to supply and demand) World Totem #3 200k+ (this is down to supply and demand) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Misc Boxes Mystery box 10-50 Supreme mystery box 1-2k Infernal mystery box - 500-800 Pet Mystery box - 5-10k Tax bag box - 500-1k Store Mystery Box 100-200k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bonds 100$ bonds- 300k-400k bags 50$ Bonds- 150k-200k bags 25$- 75k- 100k Bags 10$ - 35-40k 5$ bond - 15-20k Donation Note - Donations made in players name will be 25 percent more or 50 percent more than the price’s listed above. ( Purchased with IRL Money and in buyers name) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These prices are based on current in game prices, and are subject to change with supply and demand. - Sam & Jake (updater) / other creditors
    2. Price Guide (This is not the actual prices of items, it is merely a reference for players to use) Hellfire shadow sword = 160-180k bags Hellfire sword = 110-130k Lit sword = 100-120k Mythical supreme bow = have no idea Molten MG = 110-140k Dragon lava staf = 65-75k New wand (idk name) = 100k Frost staf =100-130k So for melee its bis but not that expensive. Crex part = 10k ea Blackstone vesta = 25k part ea Molten parts = 50k ea dragon age parts 30k ea Op key parts 1.5-3k ea ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About drop rate items Ring for 50% (you can grind em out) 10-15k Boots 50% (wich you upgrade em with ring) 20-30k Paper sack = 30-40k Karmja gloves 50% = 30-50k (only from op chest) Rose gloves 100%= 80-100k Spirit cape 100% (upgradable with paper sack) 100-110k Cape with 125% (option to buy em with tokens) 110-120k Oh and coll neck = 30-40k Coll (i) 50k Oh and boots 100 = 80-100k Bone cape 50= 30-50k -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Infernal virtus 40-60k per part Purplefire 3-8k per part Dark blue 1-3k per part Battlemage 500-1k per part Acid justiciar armor (15dr) = 25-30k ea Abbysal armor (15dr) =4.5k per part Same goes for justicat price is per part Ecto tokens 4ecto= 1 bag Rex pice = 4k ea Hulk pice = 3.5k ea Deffender pice = 3k ea Deffender sword = 5-10k Infernal kitesheild = 5-10k Silver torva = 2k part Iluminati = 1k part Crex scyte and cape = 5k ea Ok range: Molten rank 1 (we already have prices) Ancient sirenic = 15k ea pice (defo need to be buffed) Skyrocket torva = 5-10k ea Vortex armor = 3-8k ea Crimson pernix = 2k ea part* American pernix elite =1k ea Trickster =500 ea American pernix 250 per part ------------------------------------------------------------------- World Totem #1 20k bags World Totem #2 200k World Totem #3 250k ________________________________________ Bonds ---------------------------------------------- 1000$ bonds - 500k bags 500$ bonds - 250k bags 200$ bonds - 100k bags 150$ bonds- 75k bags 100$ bonds- 50k bags 50$ Bonds- 25k bags 25$- 12,500 Bags 10$ - 6,250 5$ bond - 3,000-3,250 This Price Guide is not mine and was asked to post it for 2 players. @addicus and @bloodyface <- Credited users for making this. I will not accept any hatred towards this guide as it is merely just a guide / reference for players to get a rough estimation on their item's value. Regards, Jake