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    Found 1 result

    1. Ranged Armours Just off the bat I'd like to say thanks for viewing this guide. But, I would like to actually say is claim you're referral using ::refer 'Noobs Own' without quote marks you can claim your referral box which will contain American pernix set + golden minigun 5 ckeys and 1000 hand cannon shots for ammo. Thanks. For those who want to farm American pernix. Head over to Vet'ion to get started and that boss is located in the easy boss tab. Next up we have Trickster ranged set which can be found at Defilers in the starter teleport tab or just ::defilers. Elite AM Pernix - Obtained by killing either Harlakk or ::blackstone event. Crimson pernix can be dropped by the ::blackstone or take a shot at upgrading elite AM pernix which Blackstone also drops at the upgrader npc at home. Vortex armour set is dropped by Bal'lak the pummeler. Boss is in the Hard bosses tab. (basically hybrid gear so thought I'd include this for ranged) Skyrocket torva, it may seem like mele armour but it's in-fact ranged! Cheeky 12k ranged attack and alright defence stats pretty good for what it is? Med Boss tab. Now on to our BIS ranged armour set 'Molten kings armour set'. This armour set can be obtained from the lava raid chest at home and by doing the raid you get 1 key per boss which you can either bank or take a shot at getting from the chest piece by piece! Additional ranged set is the Ancient Sirenic set. Obtained via OP Key chest. Currently the armour doesn't have great stats like the Frozen armour set so I'll update the guide when the armour gets buffed. Regards, Jake