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    Update #44

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    Connor    69

    Update #44


    Drugs Lab:

    You can visit the drugs lab under the minigame tab.

    Whilst here you can perform various tasks to generate bagged illegal weed to exchange with the drug dealer to purchase goods. The shop is due to be "expanded" once players have got a feel for the minigame, so please send any suggestions to us on discord.

    You can also find the rare Stoner gear whilst doing the activity.

    Be aware! SWAT officers can raid the building at any time and if you die, any drugs you have on you will be seized. These officers are incredibly strong and are likely to kill you if you aren't paying attention.

    Shop Rewards;

    Bong - Provides boosted stats for 5 minutes and has a 30 minute cooldown.
    Dodgy Brownie - Instantly heals a player to maximum hitpoints.
    A Line - Provides 10 seconds of stupidly OP stats.
    Weed Icon - Provides the highest drop rate bonus of an amulet at 60%.
    Dragonkin Lamp.

    Randomly Obtained Rewards;

    Stoner Gun,
    Stoner Hat,
    Stoner Body,
    Stoner Legs, 
    Stoner Boots,
    Stoner Chain,
    Stoner Cape,
    Stoner Shield.





    • Fixed low level prayers not draining (Hotfixed).
    • Fixed prayer not draining because of prayer bonus.
    • Bork will now drop spirit shields in a noted form.
    • Ancient spider freeze timer has been reduced by 50%.
    • Mythical warhammer is now classed as a rare drop.
    • Item forging such as making crystal keys can now be performed much faster.
    • Collector necklace message will no longer appear for regular monster pvm.
    • Crex snare timer has been reduced to 5 ticks from 15.

    Please reload your client.

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