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    Update #45

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    Connor    55

    Update #45


    The newest addition to our bosses is Mental Case!

    This crazy dude will utterly destroy you if you aren't well equip! 


    Hitpoints: 7,000,000
    Max Hit: 500
    Respawn: 20 seconds
    Multi: No
    Weakness: N/A
    Special: Can cause you to be dragged into the air and deal up to 1,500 damage in a single game tick.


    1,500 Tax bags per teleport


    Ring of Flying (Whilst worn your player will fly around)
    Frozen hand cannon shots (10% chance to freeze your target)
    Lava hand cannon shots (10% chance to apply an additional burn damage to your target)
    Heavy hand cannon shots (Double the ranged bonus)
    Speed Gloves (Increases Range/Melee attack speed by 20%)





    • Collecting weed from the bushes is now automated and you no longer need to spam them.
    • Fixed a bug making P2W ring stackable.
    • Red keys are now stackable.
    • Weed bush models have been updated at Drugs Lab.
    • Weed icon is now a shield slot item.
    • Goku Elite pet droprate bonus has been increased to 135%.
    • Upgrading items is now automated, providing you have the required items.
    • Upgrading items is now much faster.
    • VIP donators now obtain 2 picked weed per action.
    • Stoner box drop chance is now much more likely to be obtained with a full inventory of weed.
    • A raid on the drugs lab is now 20% more likely to occur.
    • Fixed some issues with POS causing some server wide delays.

    Please reload your client.

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