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    Update #136

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    Connor    78

    Update #136
    Group Ironman

    Get ready to team up with up to 4 other GIM accounts!

    You will be under the same restrictions as an Ironman, but you can have 4 other Iron's in your group which you can trade between, including items that are usually not tradeable!

    The account that creates the group will be the leader, this is the only account that can invite players into the group, however this decision is final, you cannot leave once you're in! Although this is permanent, should you find a member of your team is griefing, then they can be removed by admins, but this is assessed on a case by case basis.

    GIM's will have Heroic XP rates by default, so they also benefit from the boosts of having that rate.


    Go Big or Go Home Box

    Grab yourself a cheap box for just $3 from the store, or hunt down Money Boi who has a chance to drop them for Platinum players!

    Whats Inside?


    Insanely OP Key,
    5 Red Keys,
    5 Mini Beast Potions,
    Double Drop Scroll,
    Clue Scroll,
    50 Mystery Boxes,
    10,000 Tax Bags,
    Store Mystery Box,
    Energy Stone,
    Cosmetic Override Kit,
    5 Slayer Task Reset Tokens,
    $10 Scratch Card,
    $5 Bond,
    50 Cent Bling,
    Collectors Necklace,
    Super Taxbag Box,
    Prayer Badge.


    P2W Ring
    Crazy Fucking OP Key
    Quarantine Ring
    Vial of Blood
    Autumn Scarf
    Poison Ivy Amulet
    Potion of Love
    Firework Potion
    Dragonbone Cape
    Infinite Prayer Scroll Extension Perk



    • Fixed drop table interface saying npc didn't have any drops.
    • Fixed a bug causing the % text to be overwritten when search for npc drops.
    • Black Market Trade now caps some items at a maximum request of 3.
    • Black Market Trade now asks for Rex armour, instead of Lime Rex.
    • Fixed Lucky Rabbit Foot.
    • The Fatboy buff has been reduced as it was buffed too much.
    • Fixed a bug causing players to auto teleport back to ::pub
    • Guardian Cloak T6/T7 are now tradeable, but only between those who have Completionist status.
    • Guardian Cloak T6/T7 can now be disassembled.
    • Recycle Centre daily money maker task has been fixed.
    • Fixed a bug causing players unable to pick up loot from Gigantic Taxbag.
    • Removed a bunch of lower level drops from world announcements.
    • Ironman icons will now display in chat correctly.
    • Hits will now display correctly.

    If your client does not say GIM is now released at the top, please REBOOT it.

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