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    Update #138

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    Connor    78

    Update #138
    $10 Store Tokens 

    The tokens are now automatic. You can redeem them by clicking them and selecting through the shop as to what item you want. To purchase perks, right click the token.

    The values are indeed rounded UP, so it may not be beneficial to buy items that aren't in values of 10 with the tokens, but that is your choice. Items such as Go Big or Go Home boxes will round up the amount to match your purchase, for example you would get 3 boxes, not just 1 for your token. Spent/Donated amounts are also updated using these tokens.



    Global Buff Book

    Dropped by Bork, WAB or General. This book can cast a spell that grants either double vote points, drops, +25% damage or +25% drop rate bonus for 60 minutes. 

    You cannot choose which buff is given and only 1 buff can be active at a time.




    The following items have been moved from SDK to Go Big or Go Home box;

    Duck Gang,
    Energy Drink,
    Upgrader Totem,
    July Partyhat,
    Poisonous Stew,
    Elite Slayer Ring,
    Spider Web Perk,
    Flaming Sword,
    Megazord Helm,
    Megazord Body,
    Megazord Legs,



    • P2W Ring has been removed from Go Big or Go Home boxes.
    • Fixed a bug meaning most new players didn't have the referral screen pop up.
    • Some Cultist armour requirements have been reduced.
    • T4 Newb Sword attack speed has been slightly increased.
    • Donation Raffle announcements will now be in the donation discord channel.
    • Non-multi areas now give a +10% drop rate bonus.
    • Raffle announcements will no longer display the wrong item.
    • Weird ASF Bosses prayer drain has been reduced.
    • A bunch of items inventory icons have been updated.
    • Soulsplit must be active for Dig Deep to function. The only exception is Stronghold raid were it will work without.
    • BMT Pocket Pouch has been added to ::pp
    • Carnage potion timer will now remove correctly once finished.
    • 2,000 Mythical Ore achievement now displays completion correctly.
    • Corrected Mario's slayer teleport location.
    • Empowered Stone is now consumed even if the Carnage potion fails its creation.
    • Supreme Mystery Boxes are no longer announced as a rare drop.
    • Tax Bag Boxes are no longer announced as a rare drop.
    • Java development kit has been updated which should eradicate some issues certain players have.

    If your client does not say Update #138 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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