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    Update #140

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    Connor    78

    Update #140
    Spooky Crate

    H'ween month is here. Grab yourself a new limited edition box on store now!

    Possible Loot;

    Spookie Perk (Increases attacking pets damage by 20%),

    Mini-Reaper Pet,

    Baby Dracula Pet,

    Haunted Effigy Aura - (Makes hidden drops 10% more common, such as 1 in 10k drops),

    Gluttony (ability) - (Stores souls of monsters you kill based on their HP. Ability can be used to damage target for 1% of the stored value. So if a monster you killed had 50M Hitpoints, the next time you click this ability, you will damage for 500K),

    Sleep Paralysis Perk - (5% chance per hit to freeze your target),

    Pumpkin Ammunition - (Arrow slot item that provides the strongest Ranged stats & ammo strength),

    Witch's Shoulder Cat - (Arrow slot item that provides the strongest Magic stats),

    H'ween Scythe Upgrader - (Combined with the H'ween Scythe to give the special attack Magic/Ranged boosts),

    5 x Store Mystery Box
    500 x Limited Key Tokens
    1,000 x Limited Key Tokens


    Headless Horseman

    As the spooky time of year returns, so does out yearly H'ween boss! 

    This year he is much harder to fight, but his rewards are far more common!

    Reward Table:

    Decapitating Scimitar (Special Attack has a chance to decapitate & insta kill your target),
    Headless Horsebaby (7% drop rate bonus),
    Horseman Head (4% drop rate bonus),
    Horseman Body (4% drop rate bonus),
    Horseman Legs (4% drop rate bonus),
    Horseman Boots,
    Horseman Gloves,
    SplitSoul Perk (Extra 10% damage whilst using SoulSplit),
    Mutated H'ween Mask (+10/100 HP),
    Pumpkin Bulwark (25% chance to revive you),
    Regular H'ween Masks,

    & of course, plenty of commons & spooky bonds!


    • You can now purchase a Generous Watering Can from the skilling village store for Farming boosts.
    • Go Big Or Go Home rare box loot now sells for a much higher value.
    • Added Go Big Or Go Home box to ::boxloots.
    • Smuggler Crate (Low) now has a chance to give a Medium tier crate.
    • Smuggle Crate (Medium) now has a chance to give a High tier crate.
    • Corrected confirmation message for day 14 login reward.
    • Solak should now take priority over players for appearing on a tile.
    • Custom Sets should no longer be prevented from stacking with other HP boosting items.
    • The client will no longer appear cut off at the bottom.
    • Added Mini Demon Loot to ::boxloots.
    • BMT requested OP key items now give 50 tokens per item.
    • Beastmode no longer restores HP like Overload.
    • Corrected some name mismatches.

    If your client does not say Update #140 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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