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    Update #141

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    Connor    78

    Update #141
    Skilling Experience

    So it was polled, discussed and torn apart multiple times. It was evident that the community wanted to see skilling a part of the server more and mainly that difficulty was the experience just being insane, so we've made some changes.

    Non-Heroic accounts skilling experience rate is now 50x RS. Combat will remain high to ensure players can jump right into PvM if they want to!

    Heroic accounts will actually see a buff in some areas. This is due to rates mirroring OSRS to give a more accurate representation of what your buff is.

    This is a big rework and some rates might feel more significant in changes than the other, but I've tried my best to centralise this and give a far better experience. Some areas like Woodcutting may see large increases for Heroic accounts.


    Other changes;

    Effigies daily usage cap now applies to each stage.
    Spread the Love Scroll XP boost has been reduced to 10%.
    Skillers Village outfit parts XP boost have been reduced to 4%.
    Auras from the Recycle Centre have been reduced.
    Each Donator rank now provides a +10% experience per rank.
    Completionist Guild has been given a +10% experience boost.
    Captain Rovin and Double XP Weekends can no longer stack.
    XP'd perk now gives +10% experience.
    Santa's Sharing Present experience buff is now 25%.
    Skiller Madness now gives +50% experience.
    Wings of Experience now give +45% experience.
    Spring Gloves now give +25% experience.
    Task Pet now a gives 5% experience buff.
    Level 99 world messages have been reintroduced.
    All Prestige Levels/Points have been reset.
    Prestige now requires all level 99s rather than maximum experience.
    Mythical & Mighty XP lamps have been reduced.
    Trees now have life and can be chopped down. Platinum zone trees are unlimited.


    Prestige Store

    I have updated the Prestige Store with a new item to feed your grind. More WILL be added next update! I fully intend to expand the shop to make it fully worth doing.

    BMT Required Item Reset - This item can be used to reroll the item currently required by the Black Market Trader


    • Players who have Completionist cape prior to Prestige will now be able to wear their cape right away.
    • A whole bunch of items have been given new values so you can sell your item to the tax bag store.
    • Interfaces can now be accessed during combat.
    • Headless Horsemans attack distance has been increased.
    • Smithing experience is now corrected calculated per bar.
    • Fixed a bug causing Skiller Madness able to be stacked in an Aura Pouch, whilst also worn.
    • Updated ::priceguide/::pg to take you to the new WIKI page.
    • Added a message to POS about following WIKI prices.
    • 7% drop rate Aura in SDK is now 9%.
    • Bunch of Roses now heal correctly.
    • Corrected H'ween Scythe examine.
    • Added some Chaos Druid spawns.
    • Removed the additional WAB spawn notification.
    • We've added an extra layer of security to our client. This has been tested by players/staff for weeks. Any issues, please inform me.

    If your client does not say Update #141 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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