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    Fixes & Changes

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    Connor    78

    Just a small update to apply some fixes


    • Reduced the amount of tickets gained during Agility. Wilderness now gives double other courses.
    • Agility tickets experience can no longer be affected by boosts and works the same way as lamps.
    • Massively nerfed Charming Imp turning Charms into XP.
    • Reduced Slayer XP on Hard/Boss tasks.
    • Reduced Herblore XP from Drugs Lab.
    • Fixed a bug meaning Skiller Madness gave too much XP when in the Aura Pouch.
    • Donator Ranks now go up in multiples of 5% per rank, rather than 10%.
    • Deluxe Imps now require 95 Hunter.
    • Normal XP accounts no longer have level 99 broadcasts.
    • Clay now gives the correct resource.
    • Fixed Charmeleon pet not giving the full bonuses effect.
    • Jester Hat now gives +10% XP & prevents trees being chopped down.
    • Jester Scarf now gives a 50% chance that Woodcutting, Mining & Fishing resources will be banked.
    • Mythical tools now require level 90, rather than 99.
    • Consumables now sells noted (3) potions.

    If your client does not say Update #141 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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