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    Update #143

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    Connor    78

    Update #143
    Black Friday Sales

    Enjoy discounts on store NOW until Black Friday.


    World Bonuses

    Every 4 hours there will now be a new world bonus which may impact on what activity you wish to participate in! 

    Bonuses do NOT apply to instance totem bosses.

    Possible Bonuses

    +10% Smuggler Reputation,
    x2 Raid Damage,
    25% Cheaper OCP/EMB,
    +50% Damage At Reborn King,
    +50% Damage At Money Boi,
    +50% Damage At Itsyaboi,
    +50% Damage At Succubus,
    +50% Damage At Mutant Invasion,
    x2 Crex KC,
    +20% Raid Points,
    50% Extra OP Keys Created,
    10% Extra Damage,
    10% Extra BMT,
    +10% Thanos Loot,
    Double Drugs Lab,
    Double Slayer Damage,
    +50% Slayer Points,
    +10% Recycled Coins,
    +1 Clue Scroll Reward,
    Double AFK Tokens,
    +25% RC & Construction XP,
    +25% Herb & Agility XP,
    +25% Slayer & Farm XP,
    +25% Hunter & Dung XP,
    +25% Mine & Fish XP,
    +15% Drop Rate Bonus,
    x2 Money Maker Rewards.



    Snow Piles

    Your favourite afk activity is back!

    Clear the snow piles to access a seasonal shop of goodies!

    Santa's Smuggle - +10% smuggler reputation. Consumed per item smuggle.
    Frostbite Blitz - Extra Frostbite damage. Consumed per proc.
    Cold Rage - +5% AOE damage for 30 minutes.
    Shattered Icicle - Ranged projectile can split into 2 causing extra damage for 30 minutes.
    Cold Snap Perk - Makes Thanos's armour set & perk 5% more likely to proc.
    Crazy Snowman Spawner (Will become active once the Xmas boss arrives),
    Cold Bond ($5-15),
    Christmas Jumper (5% d/r),
    Christmas Socks (5% d/r),
    Healthy Snowball (+5/50 HP),
    Bobble Scarf,
    Tri-jester Scarf,
    Woolly Scarf.



    Seasonal Donation Keys Reroll:

    You can now reroll an SDK once per key. This comes with a 2M fee, but gives you that extra chance to get the item you want!




    • A new perk has been added to the Perk Lectern called Snap!
    • Staff can now increase Reborns loot cap to 30 during events.
    • Players should no longer be able to kill Thanos before all phases have been completed.
    • BMT hours have been expanded. Speak to him at the ::pub to find out.
    • Pumpkin Bulwark can now be used with Cosmetic Override Kits.
    • Fixed a bug causing Cosmetic Overrides to overlap your equipment tab.
    • Fixed some typos in the Store Mystery Box.
    • Guardian Cloak T6 has been made untradeable as it was originally intended.
    • Agility Tickets no longer display the wrong XP.
    • Clued Up title has been added to the title selector.
    • Clueless title has been added to the title selector.
    • ::guides now directs the player to the WIKI.
    • Generous Watering can now functions correctly.
    • P2W Rings examine has been updated to reflect how they're upgraded.
    • GIM accounts no longer count in the login limit, providing they log this account in last.
    • Thanos Trivia answer has been updated.
    • Box of Chocolates timer has been corrected.
    • You can no longer open bank interface during combat.

    If your client does not say Update #143 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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