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    Update #146

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    Connor    78

    Update #146

    This is our last update before christmas so may I take this opportunity to wish you all the most amazing Christmas. I am blessed to have spent many multiple Xmas's as the owner & developer of this server and amazing community. Much love to you all ❤️

    I've tried my best to give every player a little boost or something this Xmas, so my last extra will be that the Donation Raffle dated 18th-25th will be an Owner Cape, good luck!

    Scratch Card Rework

    You may think why are you removing some of the loot. This is actually increasing your chances to pull a reward, so we are removing the less desired ones.

    A new collection log has been added for Scratch Cards!

    $1 Scratch Card Changes..

    1 in 7 chance to roll rare chance instead of 1 in 10.
    Removed Taxbag Box, $10 Bond & Ring of Devotion from rare rewards.
    Removed Golden Minigun from common rewards.
    Added Cosmetic Override Kits to rare rewards.
    Failed rolls now give 100 Tax Bags instead of 10.

    $10 Scratch Card Changes..

    1 in 5 chance to roll rare chance instead of 1 in 7.
    Scroll of Praise, Taxbag Box & Double Drop Scroll removed from common rewards
    $50 Bond removed from Rare Rewards
    Store Mystery box added to Rare Rewards
    Failed rolls that give 50 Taxbags now give 500.

    $50 Scratch Card

    A new card for you to make at the Item Upgrader! This one comes with some juicy new rewards!

    This card will refund your card if you fail to win, so it has a 100% win rate!


    Super Taxbag Box
    Big Red Key
    $10 Bond
    3 x Cosmetic Override Kits
    3 x Clue Scrolls


    Shadow Dye (+1% luck per item)
    300-350K Tax Bags
    $10 Store Credit Token





    Ice Dye Offhands

    The poll passed, so here they are! With this it means it is now possible to have up to 10% extra damage with the Ice Dye effect, doubled when using Graceful Winter Amulet.

    Superior Ranged Taskmaster Shield,
    Superior Melee Taskmaster Shield,
    Tome of the Empire (u),
    Smuggler Offhand Staff,
    Smuggler Offhand Blade,
    Smuggler Offhand Bow.



    Luck Explanation

    Chests & keys react differently when looted as they do not benefit from drop rate, instead they benefit from luck.

    Luck is mainly what you find on items etc which specially say they boost chests.

    You can now find your luck % under your drop rate % on the quest tab. This will vary chest to chest and not every chest has luck, it does typically say if it does or not, but hopefully this gives you a clearer view.

    The only exception is raid specific boosts will not display under luck, however they are active still.


    • Go Big or Go Home boxes now contain $50 Scratch Cards.
    • Updated the Scratch Card world text to appear cleaner.
    • Godsword Shards no longer announce as rare drops.
    • Fixed a bug allowing some items to be upgrading with less than the amount required.
    • Cauldron in Drugs Lab max hit has been reduced to 250.
    • Fixed Drugs Lab safespot.
    • Ice Dye model has been updated.
    • Added Skeleton's to the slayer teleport location.
    • Completed Custom set orders/changes.
    • $1 Scratch Cards can now be purchased from the Bonds Point Store.
    • Mystic Boi has been added to Fat Boy's collection log.
    • Effigies can now be sold to the Tax Bag store.
    • Corrected Drop Rate Cap Enhancer name.
    • Changed Double Drugs Lab to +1 Drugs Lab Weed.
    • Fixed a bug that would detect the wrong material when obtaining Purified Material.
    • Corrected ::Compboss text when you don't have the requirements.
    • Removed more pets first click options.
    • Digging Snow with the Frozen Shovel will now use a different animation.
    • Added ::sb for quicker teleporting to Seasonal Bosses.
    • Hellfire Logs now only require level 90 firemaking rather than 99.
    • Fixed Collection Log not showing the last 4 logs.
    • Updated General Capes tax bag store value.
    • Some Recycle Centre Store items now have updated tax/recycle values.
    • Crazy Snowman should now take priority over it's minion model.
    • When leaving Thanos's Challenge you will now go to the lair rather than the home area.
    • Vader Sabre has a new model.
    • Store Mystery Box will now state 2 x $50 bonds rather than $100 bond when pulling that reward.
    • Correct Champion Hood's name mismatch.
    • Spicy Eggnog cooldown is now affected by the Refreshing Drink.
    • VIP Armour tax bag & recycled coin values have been updated.

    If your client does not say Update #146 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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