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    Update #148

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    Connor    78

    Update #148

    New Year, New... Boss?

    Sponsor Zone Rework:

    The map has been completely redone and now connects via a path to the Platinum zone.

    Improved layout
    Better mob placements
    New Sponsor Boss

    The Sponsor

    In order to fight The Sponsor you must have access to ::spz and use the teleport to enter one of the individual sections of the boss room. You can only use Magic or Ranged to attack and you must have collectors ability or item else you won't be able to grab your loot!


    HP: 15,000,000
    Max Hit: 2,500 (If you aren't wearing the Ring of Absorption) otherwise it's 500
    Weakness: Ranged
    Loot Capacity: Up to 5 people can get loot per kill

    Rare Loot:

    Sponsored Armour (broken) - Once fixed the Helm, Body & Legs give a +2% luck bonus & 21% drop rate bonus when worn together.
    The Gloves & Boots can be combined at the research table to unlock some of the best gloves/boots in-game!
    Perk Tablet - Used at the Perk Lectern to unlock Reroll Cheapskate perk and more perks in the future.
    Auto Seller 3000 (blueprint) - Has a 25% chance to automatically sell loot for +25% of it's tax bag value. This version only works on main drop tables, not world bosses etc. I guess that might mean there will be an update coming?




    • Added a new Reroll Cheapskate perk to the Perk Lectern.
    • WAB should now spawn correctly.
    • Added Rewind Box 2.0 to $10 Store Credit Store.
    • Client now offers an option to delete the previous cache.
    • Platinum zone has had a whole new floor of mobs added to ensure there is always a spot for you.
    • Gokys, Wizards & Pengs now have more mobs per spot at Platinum Zone.
    • Stoner Box opened count now displays on the Drugs Lab collection log.
    • Big Red Key used count now displays on the Big Red Key collection log.
    • Skilling Fishing Rod will no longer proc with Hellfire Logs.
    • Christmas Tree has now reverted to the Mythical Egg.
    • Corrected BYHO (virus) stats on Weapon Viewer.
    • Dragonhide Chaps can now be used with Cosmetic Overrides.
    • Guardian Cloak T6+ now works with killing Mythical Beast.
    • Xmas Box items have been put into SDK machines.
    • Added collection log for The Sponsor.
    • Overloaded perk now affects Carnage Potion & Beast Mode.

    If your client does not say Update #148 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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