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    Update #151

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    Connor    78

    Update #151

    Box of Love Lewts

    Grab the newest seasonal box on store! This is a short timeframe box, so grab it whilst you can!

    Possible Loot:

    500 x Limited Key Tokens,
    1,000 x Limited Key Tokens,
    15 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes,

    Plan B - (Activate once per day to gain +7% Luck on the next 1,000 chest openings),
    Spread the Love Scroll - (+10% XP whilst in your inventory),
    Cupid's Blessing - (Upgrades the Empowered Quiver to have 3 storage slots),
    Elite Raider Perk - (Boosts Raid Master buff so it gives 100% increased damage),
    Lil Love - (Increases Luck by 5%),
    Blessed Trinket - (Increases your Drop Rate Cap by 10%, stacks with the cap perk),
    Humble Stalker Title - (Drop rate & Luck bonuses are halved, but damage is doubled),
    Cupid's Quiver - (Unlimited ammo, 5% drop rate bonus & +15/150 HP),


    Valentines Event:

    For all you love birds out there, come collect some hearts!

    You can collect heart crystals by doing Slayer Tasks

    Hearts per task

    Easy: 10
    Medium: 15
    Hard: 25
    Boss: 50

    Hearts can be redeemed for the following..

    Cupid's Spear - (Hits twice per attack, including AOE damage & provides +25/250 HP),
    Cupid's Aura - (5% chance whilst in combat to damage target for 20x your HP),

    Once you've collected all them, you can sell your remaining hearts to the Tax Bag store as they're untradeable.



    Rogue Penguin:

    Take him down and fetch his loot!

    Rogue Penguin also will given a guaranteed rare drop after 3,000 kills!

    The Empowered Quiver has a 25% repair chance. Failure results in loss of the item.

    Hitpoints: 300,000,000
    Weakness: Melee

    Rare Loot:

    Rare Boss Spawner
    Empowered Quiver (broken) - (Allows you to store 2 quiver type items inside to benefit from both effects),
    Pingu Power Perk - (Increases damage by 5% when in a non-multi area),
    Ice Cream Hat - (9% drop rate bonus),
    Hot Tits - Title,
    $50 Scratch Card.



    Smuggler Changes:

    It is now beneficial to stack your reputation up to 50,000,000 as for every 10,000,000 stored you will get an extra crate of any tier, meaning you can get up to 5 additional crates per day! 

    However the drain rate of reputation will increase by 20%.



    • Most slayer related monsters have had some of their drops tax bag values increased to make Slayer a more profitable skill.
    • Fixed Sponsored Platelegs (broken) not being removed from the inventory.
    • Dragonbone Cape has been removed from the donation raffle.
    • P2W Ring can now be obtained from the donation raffle.
    • Kingdom of Hearts raid rare reward chance has been improved to 1/250.
    • Lava Raid rare reward chance has been improved to 1/150.
    • SWAT Raid rare reward chance has been improved to 1/125.
    • Mutant Raid rare reward chance has been improved to 1/75.
    • Stronghold Raid rare reward chance has been improved to 1/75.
    • Recycle Centre Battle Pass task should no longer go over the 2,000 XP.
    • The last Battle Pass task can now be completed via General, WAB & Bork.
    • Removed the customise option from Santa Hats.
    • Global Buff book drop chance from WAB has been improved.
    • Blade type weapons/shields can now be used with Cosmetic Overrides.
    • BA icons now use the amulet slot instead of the shield slot.
    • Fixed a bug causing anti-vax shield to decrease luck more than it should've once all charges were used.
    • Removed two random fishing spots at PZ.
    • Woodcutting in PZ should now work smoother.
    • Reduced Effigy tax value to 1 bag.
    • Emptying the Aura Pouch now requires 3 free inventory spaces.
    • BYHO store credit price has been updated.
    • Solak, Goku & Seatroll Queen hitpoints have been increased to 300M.
    • AOE in Sponsor Zone will now only attack your specified targets and not spill over onto the next cages.

    If your client does not say Update #151 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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