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    Update #155

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    Connor    78

    Update #155

    Spring Donation Egg Cache

    A brand new limited edition box has arrived on store!

    Possible Loot;

    15 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes
    5 x Store Mystery Boxes
    1 x Limited Key Token
    2 x Limited Key Token

    Easter Ground Aura (Increases Maxed Melee, Ranged & Magic perks by an extra 5% - also has +2k stats)
    Easter Pocket Pouch Upgrade (adds 3 extra slots to the Pocket Pouch storage)
    Spring Cleaner Enhancer (Enhances the Spring Cleaner Perk to automatically bank all loot from chests/boxes when opened)
    Spring Cleaner Perk (Automatically banks Effigys & Lamps from chests/boxes)
    Bond Retainer Aura (3% chance to save bonds when used towards donation value, or 10% when towards point store)
    Smuggled Smuggler Perk (5% chance when smuggling items you will find an extra high crate)
    Black Market Thief Perk (10% chance when using BMT you will gain 50% extra Dollars)
    Upgrader Totem (50% more likely to succeed at Item Upgrader)
    (Inactive) Power Gemstone (Combined with all 3 Clue Scrolls gems to activate. Gives all 3 gems + 5% AOE damage boost)
    (Inactive) Aura (Combines some auras together. Currently the Disease Aura & Extension Aura can be combined)    

               More Combinations For The Inactive Aura Will Be Added Over Time



    Increased Rates Event!

    As a little Easter bonus for you. The following bonuses are active until Tuesday!

    +10% Drop Rate Bonus,
    Raids +25% rare chance is active,
    Rogue Penguin loot is 10% more common,
    Double Experience (Stacks with weekend),
    Item Smuggler gives +1 crate per day,
    Black Market Trader is giving +20% Dollars!


    • Ground Aura visuals have been fixed.
    • Snow has melted away from home area.
    • Reduced Thanos's HP to 100M.
    • Thanon's minions should now spawn sooner to prevent losing the kill.
    • Constitution Orb HP bonus should now stack correctly.
    • Heat Healing Aura HP bonus should now stack correctly.
    • Little Love Aura HP bonus should now stack correctly.
    • Frosty Party HP bonus should now stack correctly.
    • Fixed Evil Baby PZ teleport.
    • Items which have cooldown that were not able to be traded when not in cooldown has been fixed.
    • You can no longer drop items on cooldown.
    • SDK Machines have been updated with new loot.
    • Skillers Amulet should now prompt when it runs out.
    • Tax Bag Boxes can now be combined into the Super version.
    • Daily Login Reward will now always update when seasonal afk items change.
    • Platinum Zone Vader spawn where it only had 2 spawns has been increased to 3.
    • Changed Stronghold Raid's Kingly Imp drop to 2 x OP Keys.
    • Cosmetic Overrides item removal now has a confirmation dialogue.
    • Noxious Shard has been added to BMT's required items.
    • Snowman Spawners no longer work.
    • Auto Clicking to open chests is the only allowed method of auto clicking, however setting your speed quicker than one second is now a banable offence.

    If your client does not say Update #155 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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