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    Update #48

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    Connor    65

    Update #48


    Mythical Beast:

    The Mythical Beast can be found locked away in a dungeon. Don't under estimate how much anger this beast has!

    The Mythical Beast can only be finished with a Mythical type item equip. If this item is not equip, then the player will be killed and the boss will heal 1,000,000 hitpoints.

    This is a social boss, so up to 10 people can gain loot per kill!


    HP: 60M
    Max Hit: 500
    Weakness: Melee
    Respawn Time: 20 Second



    Mythical Cloak T1 (Can be upgraded to T6/T7 at the research table, these are the best capes ingame)
    Mini Beast Pet (Stops the defence drain special attack at Mythical Beast)
    Mythical Bunny Ears.
    Collectors Ring.




    Cosmetic Overrides:

    These are NOT released to players yet!

    I have spent an awful lot of time working on a system to allow you guys to override each slot with another item and i am pleased to say that the foundations for this system are in place and it functions as planned! This is a very complex system and needs a lot of testing to make sure no exploits can be exposed, that's why it will take a few weeks to be released. For now, this will be tested by admins.

    As you can see in the image, i appear to be wearing a santa hat, but in fact that is an override, but i actually have the green partyhat equip.





    • Added Mythical Chest to Double Chest Loot Aura.
    • Fixed Black Dragon Helmet animation.
    • Hellfire necklace is now deleted when researching the collectors necklace (i).
    • Collectors necklace (i) name on the research table has been corrected.
    • Added ::compboss command for a quick teleport to ItsYaBoi.
    • ::starterguide will now link to HC UNIVERSE's guide.
    • All Fat Boy weapons are now tradeable.
    • Corporeal beast sigil drops will no longer announce.
    • World Totem 2 will now announce as a rare drop.
    • 1% droprate fragments upgrade option priority has been moved to prevent misclicks.

    Please reload your client.

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