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    Update #49

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    Connor    65

    Update #49


    Irish Coin:

    Irish coin can now be used a gamble token at the Seasonal Donation Machine.

    You can obtain any of the following rewards;

    1 x August Box (Will change every time we enter a new month),
    1 - 2 x Store Mystery Box,
    2 - 3 x Insanely OP Keys,
    1 x Super Taxbag Box,
    1 x Double Drops Scroll,
    1 x Hellfire Shadow Sword,
    15 x Taxbag Box,
    15 x Scratch Cards,
    $5 Bond,
    $10 Bond,
    $25 Bond,
    $50 Bond.


    $10 Scratch Card:

    You can now combine 15 $1 Scratch Cards to make a $10 Scratch Card.

    $10 cards will give atleast 50 tax bags if you lose, unlike $1 which gives nothing. Matching 2 will also give a $1 Scratch Card.

    New Rewards:

    Scythe of Vitur (Has the largest range of AOE attack & also has the highest minimum hit for a melee AOE attack)
    $50 Bond,
    $25 Bond,
    $10 Bond, 
    Double Drop Scroll,
    Double XP Scroll,
    Taxbag Box,
    Super Taxbag Box (Upto 20k bags).


    • Mental Cases's Zapper is now an AOE weapon.
    • Mental Case's Zapper now counts as a gun in the SWAT raids.
    • Changed scratch cards first option to "Scratch".
    • Fixed an issue causing console spam.
    • Updated Seasonal Donation Machine loot table.
    • VIP Donator rank now has the no GWD kc requirement perk.
    • Staff can now grab starter packs from the Staff table.
    • Deluxe tree at VIP zone now acts as an AFK tree which provides twice the amount of rewards.
    • Deluxe tree has been renamed to Deluxe AFK Tree.
    • Updated guide directory to include Magic & Ranged armour guide (Thanks Fura).

    Please reload your client.

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