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    Update #51

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    Connor    65

    Update #51


    September Boxes:

    Finally! A new box! We've made this box extra special because of feedback over the August box, so enjoy the OP goodies!


    Supreme Reckless Aura (+50% ranged damage),
    Supreme Maniacal Aura (+25% magic damage),
    Supreme Healer Aura (+1000 HP) - This means if you have level 99HP, then it will be 199, but on 10x hits that is 1,000 HP,
    September Partyhat (100% drop rate bonus),
    Scroll of Fortune (Chance to gain extra tax bags whilst killing monsters),
    Wings of Experience (90% experience boost. Will NOT stack with xp auras),
    Ring of Fortune (150% drop rate bonus, but no stats),
    Infinite Overkill Stability (Keeps your overkill stats boosted for the duration),
    2 x $50 Bonds,
    20 x Insanely OP Keys,
    5 x Store Boxes.


    Cosmetic Overrides:

    Following a successful beta test, i am proud to release this content to you all! I have worked on this for a long time and i hope you all enjoy it very much!

    What is this?

    This system allows you to use a cosmetic override kit on an item to override the equipment slot, so if you wanted to show off your santa hat, but wanted the stats of your malevolent helm, simply use a kit on the santa hat and now you all show off your santa hat, without the need to leave your malevolent helm at the bank!

    How do i obtain a kit?

    Kits are one time use consumables, they can be bought from the donation store. You can also obtain them from skiller chests which are dropped whilst skilling with the skillers amulet. These are classed as common loot.

    How do i toggle my overrides on/off & how do i get my item back after overriding it?

    Visit the cosmetic override interface which will allow you to toggle each individual slot on, or off. It will also allow you to reclaim your item, but you will not get the kit back.

    Extra Information:
    You must be wearing an item for your override to appear.
    Overrides will be turned off when you enter the wilderness.
    As it stands, max/comp cape colours do not work, however this will be added.


    For some time now, we haven't had hiscores and i am glad to say that they're now live on the website! Enjoy racing to top spots.


    • Added hiscores button to the top of the client.
    • You can now make an infinite overkill potion at the research table.
    • Fixed 2,000 Mythical ore achievement.
    • Fixed quest tab causing players to lock xp.
    • Fixed an issue causing drop rate to overlap loyalty points in the quest tab.
    • Hellfire logs are now stackable.
    • Fixed frost dragon slayer teleport.
    • Fixed a bug causing players run animations to freeze.
    • Fixed youtuber drop rate bonus.
    • OP Key parts are now stackable.
    • Daily resets now occur the next day, rather than 24 hours later.
    • Overloads have been removed from the loyalty store.
    • Overloads have been added to the consumable store.
    • Fixed a bug allowing players to benefit from the stability overload perk without redeeming it.
    • Fixed the delay on overkill potions reaching the maximum boosted value.
    • Xp well now requires 200,000 bags to activate.
    • Bonds purchased from ::afk are no longer tradeable.
    • Xmas crackers are now obtained via store boxes.
    • Sants, Hweens & Phats have been removed from the game as per the poll which passed. (This does not include non-cosmetic versions)

    Please reload your client.

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    Connor    65
    8 hours ago, s t o r y1 said:

    Kinda upsetting in party hats to be fair... i had a decent collection of them.

    It was voted to be done, there was nearly a 2 week warning.

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