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    Update #53

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    Connor    65

    Update #53


    Perks Interface:

    You can now open the perks interface via the quest tab.

    This fairly simple interface will display what perks you have active and perks you don't have active.


    Quality of Life:

    Reduced the delay when opening player owned shops.
    After searching for an item, the shops will no longer reset after clicking one. This will allow you to compare prices.

    As per the poll, third-age items have now been wiped from the game.
    You can still obtain third-age items from the red key chest, but at a 1/2000 chance.
    You can also obtain them from clue scrolls at 1/1500 chance.
    Removed red texture from third-age.

    Animations from cosmetic override weapons will now display if you have the item showing.


    • Lit bug lantern can now be purchased from H'ween exchange.
    • Lava web cloak can now be purchased from H'ween exchange.
    • Fixed a bug causing long-shot bow to turn into boots when banked.
    • Fixed a bug causing Shaman staff to turn into boots when banked.
    • Removed boosted accounts from hiscores.
    • VIP armour can now be recycled.
    • Skilling points will now be rewarded randomly, whilst skilling.
    • Woodcutting xp has been corrected.

    Please reload your client.

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