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    Update #57

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    Connor    65

    Update #57


    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas:

    Does Xmas start in November or December? Well, there home has gotten very cold and snow has been building up at home! Go clear it to gain new rewards!


    Cold bond ($5-$15),
    Santa hat,
    Santa costume top,
    Santa costume legs,
    Santa costume gloves,
    Santa costume boots,
    Bobble scarf,
    Tri-jester scarf,
    Woolly scarf.


    Penguin Zone:

    You can use the penguin teleport from the red key ultra rare rewards to get to the penguin zone.



    Hitpoints: 1,000,000
    Weakness: Magic
    Respawn: 5 seconds

    Rewards have been reworked! A whole new bunch of items will drop from these next week! The reason these rewards aren't being released this week is because they're being modelled.


    • Hween event has now been removed.
    • Regular santa hats have been reset due to them being obtainable before they were meant to be.
    • Blood skeleton top can now be used with the cosmetic override system.
    • Elite pokemon now counts as T7.
    • WeirdasF boss now spawns every 5,000 server kills.
    • Experience is now gained at the drugs lab.
    • Vader hitpoints has been reduced by 33%.
    • Clicking the raids portal will now make your character say how many raids in total you have completed.

    Please reload your client.

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