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    Update #59

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    Connor    65

    Update #59


    Cultist Armour:

    As per popular demand. We have now developed a new armour set that can be upgraded to T4. This armour is given to new players at T1 and various tasks can be completed to upgrade it through to T4.

    This armour is designed to help new players not only progress, but understand the server as they do this.


    Tier 1:



    Tier 2:



    Tier 3:



    Tier 4:


    How to upgrade?

    Simply right click the armour to upgrade it. If you haven't met the requirements, a message will display showing what needs to be done to upgrade.


    Tier 1 -> Tier 2

    Gain 100 Soulless kills
    Gain 100 Fat boy kills
    Obtain a Pikachu pet
    Obtain 50 recycled coins from the Item Recycler.

    Tier 2 -> Tier 3

    Upgrade Fat boy weapon to T2
    Achieve a Slayer level of 99.
    Obtain 500 Afk Tree Tokens from ::afk.
    Upgrade Pikachu to Tier 3.
    Reach wave 10 of the Island minigame.

    Tier 3 -> Tier 4

    Unlock the Turmoil upgrade from the boss point store.
    Upgrade Pikachu to Tier 4.
    Obtain 500 recycled coins from the Item Recycler.
    Obtain "A line" from the drugs the lab exchange.
    Gain 100 Crex kills.


    • All players who qualify for a drop in a group boss kill will now be given the killcount increase.
    • Firework potion now has a separate timer to the keg of Irish beer. This allows them to be used back to back.
    • Starter armour has been removed from starter packages.
    • Firework potion appearing as "none" has been fixed.
    • Shukarhazh now drops a $5 bond.
    • Succubus drops have been changed to 1 in 1k chance, instead of 1 in 5k.
    • Succbus will now drop a pouch which can contain a random item of armour.
    • Succubus hitpoints have been reduced to 3M.
    • Penguin teleport scroll can now be purchased from the loyalty store for 800K points.
    • Mythical beast hitpoints have been reduced to 6M.
    • Berserker ring (i) will no longer announce as a rare drop.
    • Toxic blowpipe will no longer announce as a rare drop.
    • Dragon warhammer will no longer announce as a rare drop.
    • Every Thursday the entire server will get a 100% droprate boost.

    Please reload your client.

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