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    Update #60

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    Connor    65

    Update #60


    Black Friday Sales:

    Sales all week long are now active on the store! Enjoy them whilst they last!

    Raids Reward Shop:

    You will now gain points, whilst doing raids. These are calculated based on how much damage you contribute to each kill.

    How does it work?

    Your points will be 0 at the start of a raid, opening the raid chest will cause these points to turn into spendable points in the new store. 

    Can I stack my points?

    Yes, but if you start a new raid without opening a raid chest, your points that you gained from the previous raid will reset to 0.

    Can I camp one boss for the points?

    Yes you can, but it won't give you any benefit because the maximum spendable points you will get is based on the total hp of the full raid. So it would only be wasting your own time.


    Speak to the npc next to the raids portal to access the store.

    $1 Scratch card,
    $5 Bond,
    $50 Bond,
    Insanely OP Key,
    Raid Aura,
    Collectors Book (Used at the research table to unlock the Collectors perk).



    Daily Rewards:

    A new bunch of items have been added to the daily login rewards!

    Day 2: 500 Snowballs
    Day 5: 40 Box of Lamps
    Day 7: Cold Bond
    Day 14: Purpee Santa Hat


    • Collectors perk has been added. This will keep your collectors ability active all the time, without need the necklace, or ring.
    • Added number formatting to shop prices.
    • Fixed a bunch of spelling mistakes.
    • Vials will no longer be added to your inventory when a potion has finished.
    • Added Bandit spawns.
    • Collectors necklace has been reduced in value at the AFK store.
    • Drugs lab experience when pruning will now be based on how many weeds you have.
    • Added ::succubus & ::succ as a shortcut to Succubus.
    • Added ::mental as a shortcut to Mental Case.
    • Added ::mbeast as a shortcut to Mythical Beast.
    • Added a message in chat at the Afk Tree to say how many tokens have been obtained out of the daily amount.
    • Pumpkins can now once again be spent in the exchange store.
    • Collectors perk/necklace will now work at Shuk.
    • Collectors perk/necklace will now work at WeirdASF Boss.
    • Mythical scraps will now give the Skillers amulet 20 charges per scrap.
    • Mythical ore will now respawn instantly.
    • Elite Pikachu has been replaced with Elite Pokemon and a new model.

    Please reload your client.

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