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    Update #63

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    Connor    65

    Update #63


    Crazy Fucking OP Key:

    Combine 50 Insanely OP Keys to create this mega key!

    Simply use the key on the OP chest at home as you would with a normal OP key.

    Double chest aura does NOT work with this key.


    Rare rewards:
    Thanos pet (This is the first pet that will actually attack your target. (Damage dealt is anything from 0 to matching your damage, i.e double damage).
    Mythical cloak T7 upgrader (Upgrades Mythical Cloak T7 to Owner Cape (OP).

    Regular rewards:
    Troll potion (Complete RIP)
    Double Drop ring
    Ring of Love
    Death shard
    25 x OP keys
    Store mbox
    $10 scratch x 3
    100 d/r scroll
    Prayer badge
    Mythical lamp
    1M Tax bags
    Avernic defender
    May'o book 
    Dragonfire ward
    Red phat
    Blue phat
    White phat
    Green phat
    Purple phat
    Yellow phat
    $25 bond
    Ring of Devotion (i)
    Connor's bling
    Collectors necklace (i)
    Darklord token
    Mythical Warhammer
    Speed gloves
    Lightning staff
    Lightning crossbow



    • Raid master armour effect has been fixed!
    • Raid master axe will now work in the S.W.A.T raid.
    • Frosty defender has been made rarer.
    • RS3 Santa hat rarity has been corrected.
    • Ice Dragon defender now has a unique model.
    • Fixed some issues causing slayer helmet not to give melee damage bonus.
    • Fixed Frosty Scythe animation.
    • Updated One's armour models.
    • Bad santa drop rate bonus has been corrected to 100%.
    • Pokemon gauntlet attack speed has been increased.
    • Penguin teleport has been removed from the loyalty store.
    • Removed Lightning weapons from seasonal donation machine.
    • Insanely OP Keys value on donation store has been reduced.
    • Crazy fucking op key has been added to the donation store.

    Please reload your client.

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