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    Update #64

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    Connor    65

    Update #64



    The 3rd addition to mod spawned event bosses, Solak!

    Like the other 2, this boss can only be spawned by Moderators. 


    Hitpoints: 50M
    Max hit: 990

    Up to 50 people can obtain loot from this boss!

    Unique Rewards:

    Solak Jr pet (+500 Hitpoints (Stacks with other HP boosters) & damages your target)

    Solak Shard (Used to research to Solak Jr pet),
    Aku Aku mask (110% droprate - 0 stats),
    $50 Bond.

    Plenty of other awesome drops too!




    • Afk tree daily cap is now 40,000 tokens.
    • Reduced price of $5 bond from 25,000 Afk tokens to 20,000 Afk tokens.
    • VIP donators can now take advantage of using both the regular afk tree & vip afk tree at the same time.
    • The island points are now generated a bit faster and you will gain between 1-4 points per kill.
    • Bags from Fucking Op Key have been reduced from 1M to 500K.
    • Warrior pet's name no longer displays as null.
    • Upgrading Cultist with Pikachu pets above T1 will now work correctly.
    • Pokemon (elite) will no longer display as Pikachu (elite).
    • Regular party hats now sell for 500k Bags to the tax bag store.
    • Added spawns to Ghoul zone.
    • Fixed a bug causing support to send players to Completionist zone by mistake.
    • Thanos pet size has been reduced.
    • A message now displays what your daily reward is.
    • Updated perks interface to include the latest perks.

    I haven't ignored your suggestions in Discord! They're coming across the next couple of updates!

    Please reload your client.

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