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    Update #65

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    Connor    65

    Update #65


    Slayer Rework:

    Following a large demand to make slayer more relevant, I have made the following changes;

    A whole bunch of tasks have been rearranged to be more accurate at what level of difficulty they represent. 

    A whole bunch of new tasks have been added to all difficulties.

    The way you obtain points has been completely reworked;

    You will now obtain points at a base rate x by your donator rank x by any additional;

    Easy: 6 + (0-3)
    Medium: 8 + (0-5)
    Hard: 10 + (0-20)

    Streak rewards:

    You will now obtain additional bonus points for keeping long streaks of tasks completed.

    Every 10 tasks your points will be doubled, this has existed in game for over a year now.

    The new streak rewards are shown below;

    50 tasks = 250 slayer points,
    75 tasks = 400 slayer points,
    100 tasks = 1000 slayer points,
    200 tasks = 1500 slayer points,
    300 tasks = 2000 slayer points,
    400 tasks = 3000 slayer points,
    500 tasks = 4000 slayer points,
    1000 tasks = 10000 slayer points,

    Slayer loot chests will now be dropped randomly during slayer. The loot of this chest is shown below;


    Reward improvements;

    You can now upgrade your 10% droprate emblem to 30%!
    You can now upgrade your 30% droprate emblem to 50%!

    Slayer Boss:

    Kuradel Bros;

    You can fight these at any point, however to obtain a reward you will need the Kuradel bros fight token which is dropped randomly during slayer. Due to the fact you need these tokens to get rewards from the boss, there isn't really any restrictions added to the area. You may use dwarf cannon, banking etc.


    HP: 2.5M(5M total),
    Maxhit: 350,
    Attack Style: Melee + Magic
    Multi: Yes





    Master Slayer Body (40% damage increase on task),
    Master Slayer Legs (40% damage increase on task),
    Inactive Master Slayer Helmet (Can be activated to provide 40% damage increase on task),
    Mini Slayer Buddy pet (200% d/r bonus on task),

    Random Slayer experience,
    1-10 Slayer points,
    Mystery Boxes,
    Insanely OP key.


    Christmas donation deals end on 27th!

    Check out discord donation deal channel!


    • You can now upgrade the 25% dr increasing ring to 50%. This is a 5% chance & 5 taxbag fee.
    • Crazy fucking op key now requires an energy stone to be created. This can be purchased from the recycle centre.
    • Fixed the Island minigame not progressing through the waves.
    • Candy cane speed has been reduced.
    • Fixed Riot baton upgrade.
    • Added achievement discord message to Riot baton upgrade.
    • Fixed a bug allowing players to remove items from Dungeoneering.
    • Removed a bunch of junk drops from global rare drop announcements.
    • Coins & Taxbags examines will now display how many your stack holds.
    • You can now use cosmetic override kits on the Basket of Eggs.
    • Increased the chances of obtaining an OP key part from the Mythical Beast.
    • Increased the chances of obtaining an OP key part from the Guild Champion.
    • Turmoil damage increase is now in the seasonal donation machine.
    • Cleaned up a lot of slayer code.

    Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

    Please reload your client.

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