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    Update #66

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    Connor    65

    Update #66

    Happy New Year!

    Donator Store:

    • Seasonal donation key has been added,
    • New Years Eve Beer (Limited edition) has been added - Similar to Irish keg, but it lasts 3x longer (15 mins),
    • 10 x Slayer Task reset (Keeps your streak active, whilst allowing you to get a new task),
    • December boxes have been removed,
    • Frosty party hat has been discontinued.


    Sponsor Donator Rank:

    It's been a long time coming, but the $5k rank has finally arrived! Of course you can achieve this with bonds obtained ingame.


    All the previous donator rank perks, plus;

    Unique shaded colour when using ::yell.

    Loyalty points are gained at the fastest rate.

    Base experience rate is 4x the rate of a non-donator rank.

    Skillers village area experience bonus is 70%.

    50% permanent drop rate bonus.

    Gather Drugs Lab supplies at 3x the normal rate.

    2 x Insanely OP keys added to your bank everyday.

    100% drop rate bonus + experience bonus inside Sponsor zone.

    Access to ::sponsorzone/::spz

    Sponsor Zone:

    As listed above it has various benefits inside the zone, but it also features;

    Skilling zones within distance of a bank booth, meaning you don't have to move to bank.

    You can access the VIP unicorn instance which costs 10,000 bags per entry, however you get a unicorn all to yourself!

    Other Mobs;

    Goku JR,
    Blood Warriors,
    Mental Case,
    Large Coin Stacks.





    Snow Activity

    Although Christmas is over, Winter is not!

    The store has been updated. More rewards will come over time!



    Slayer Store:

    Some new rewards have been added to the slayer point store;


    Slayer XP increaser (Can be stacked 10x, 10% per use),
    Slayer Damage increaser (Can be stacked 10x, 3% per use),
    Slayer Points increaser (Can be stacked 10x, +2 points per use).



    • Irish coin now rewards a Seasonal donation key instead of the December box.
    • Vaders now show on the mini map.
    • Slayer loot crate will no longer give 100 Hand cannons.
    • Slayer emblem (i) now has the upgrade option.
    • Fixed Barrel chest slayer teleport.
    • Vader will no longer teleport players.
    • Ironman PVP kills will now cause the targets items to be deleted, rather than dropped.
    • Elderly Heartwrencher respawn timer is now 5 seconds.
    • Infernal Beast's respawn timer is now 5 seconds.
    • Dark Purplefire Wyrm's respawn timer is now 5 seconds.
    • Added ::vader for quick access to Vader zone.
    • Actions such as ::pos which can only be done at ::home, can now be done at the completionist guild.

    Please reload your client.

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