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    Update #67

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    Connor    65

    Update #67

    QOL Update;


    Since we have the massive new boss content coming soon, i wanted to focus some time on quality of life.


    Hard tasks will no longer task the majority of bosses. This will be done via a new option "Boss Tasks".

    You can access them the same way through the slayer hub once you have a Slayer level of 99.

    The maximum task count for boss tasks will be 50 & points are obtained at the same rate as Hard tasks.

    Double slayer point ring cost is now 5,000 slayer points.

    You can now obtain the King Slayer perk from ::Donate.

    Sponsor Zone;

    As per feedback, the sponsor zone has been reworked to be more suitable and worth using. This includes better placement of mobs, bank booths, etc..

    Rocks will also have infinite life inside the zone.

    Max Cape:

    Max cape will now act as an unlimited charge for Skillers amulet.
    Whilst wearing the Max cape, skillers chests will be deposited to your inventory.



    • An interface has been added to teleports that require a fee, however any commands such as ::vaders will not have this to allow those quick teleports.
    • Fixed the drop rate bonus inside Sponsor zone.
    • Jester stick can now be used with cosmetic overrides.
    • Reduced the amount of slayer experience that Goku JR gives.
    • Fixed a bug allowing users to access Succubus without requirements.
    • Fixed an issue causing Angry Unicorn to be aggressive.
    • Dwarf cannons can now be used inside instances.

    Please reload your client.

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