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    Update #70

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    Connor    65

    Update #70

    Vote Rewards:


    For some time now, we have had low levels of voting and this is due to the crap rewards offered. So with player feedback, the following changes have been made;

    You will no longer get a vote key for voting, but you will get 1 point, per vote.

    These points can be spend in the shop below;


    Other changes;

    You can now obtain a Box of Recycled Coins from the Vote Chest.
    Third-age Druidic now has RC & Tax bag values.
    $5 Bond is now more common from the Vote Chest.
    Scroll of Praise is now more common from the Vote Chest.
    Removed Robin hood hats from the Vote Chest.
    Removed Gnome Scarf from the Vote Chest.


    Rich Presence:

    We're slightly slow to the party on this one! Discord will now update your status based on what you're doing ingame.

    As shown below;




    • Hellfire partyhat has been increased to 10,000,000 Boss points.
    • Added support for Linux users to the client.
    • Blood Justiciar now has a recycled coin value.
    • Added an extra option to OP chest to see Fucking OP Key rewards.
    • Starter packs have been reworked.
    • Increased starter bow stats to 250 ranged bonus.
    • Increased starter whip stats to 150 attack bonus.

    Please reload your client.

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