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    Update #71

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    Connor    65

    Update #71

    Happy Valentines!

    Right, you love birds. Especially J Beezy (Congratulations on your engagement bud).

    Valentines Loot Box:

    We ditched monthly loot boxes in January and it is clear that we should've asked donators about this first, as it didn't go down well. So we won't be reintroducing monthly boxes, but we are now doing event boxes this month! So they can last between 3-6 weeks, before the next box comes!


    5 x Store Mystery Boxes,
    25 x OP Keys,
    2 x $50 Bonds,


    Bunch of Roses (Wand type - Each attack will heal you, stacks with soulsplit),

    Potion of Love (Use on another player to give both of you OP stats for 30 minutes. This has it's own cooldown, therefore you can use other stat boosters right after),

    Lovers booties (Hybrid stats with +100HP effect),

    Heart Locket (+250 Hitpoints),

    Box of Chocolates (Activate for 200% extra droprate bonus for 30 minutes - 3 hour cooldown),

    Cupid's Bow (60% droprate bonus & very fast attacks),

    Ring of Loves (Used to upgrade P2W ring & also gives 25% chance to double SoulSplit heal),

    Crazy Fucking OP Key.


    Global Boss:

    To the West of home, you will find "A man in love", he is extremely depressed and will attempt to murder anyone in his path!

    He must be killed to protect our home!


    Every kill you will obtain a Valentines bag of loots. Inside you could find any common rewards, but also;

    Little Love Aura - Provides a +250HP bonus,

    Lovers Tiff Aura  - When in melee distance & using magic, you will always deal an extra 5% damage,

    Cupids Damaged Wings - 1 hour of unlimited prayer, but has a cooldown of 24 hours,

    Spread the love scroll - Whilst in your inventory, all experience is boosted by 20%,

    2,500 Valentines Roses (Very rare).



    Valentines roses are obtain from the Valentines boss, Skillers chests & digging snow.

    Converting 2,000 Roses will grant a Love Bond.



    ::customtitle is no longer possible and all titles have been reset!

    We are now working on making titles worth having. This will include unlocking them for completing certain tasks, or obtaining them as drops.

    If you have any title suggestions, please let us know!


    Monthly Top Voters:

    You will now find a #Monthly-Top-Voters channel in discord.

    This will display the top voters of every month, starting from last month.

    Each winner will be given a unique "package" of items, so keep up with your votes! Make sure you claim them daily and don't stack them, else you will not maximise your potential.

    • You can now purchase "the Casket Banker" from the Island minigame - This will cause all brown PvM caskets to automatically be sent to your bank.
    • Ironman icons will now display over their donator icons in chat.
    • Vaders can no longer be AOE killed at ::spz. This is an integrity change to protect the value of it's content.
    • Removed social-slayer option from the slayer gem.
    • Grim reaper hood can now be used with a cosmetic override kit.
    • Vote points can now be seen in the quest tab.
    • Raid points will no longer show "gp" next to it.
    • Added more referral codes for our new Youtubers.
    • Fixed Ghoul spawns.

    Please reload your client.

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