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    Update #72

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    Connor    65

    Update #72

    Happy Valentines!

    Join us on Sunday for Valentines boss masses during Walk Chaos's live stream!


    Daily Challenges:

    You will now get a challenge once a day. This can either be skilling related, PvM related or Misc.

    You will get a reward box for doing the challenge. This will contain 2 Dragonkin lamps + a random reward.

    There are a total of 55 different challenges, so it should be interesting to see who can keep the longest streak!

    Mule accounts will not gain daily tasks.


    Player Owned Shops:

    Any shop that is older than 7 days will no longer display on the shops interface.

    Age is determined by the last time the player edited their store, so anyone who hasn't for 7 days, won't be shown in the shops.

    Due to this, every single Player Owned Shop will be taken off of the interface this update. Simply login and edit your shop to appear on the interface.


    • You can now add items to your collectors blocked list by using a collectors necklace on the item.
    • Accounts after your first creation will now get starter packs, but without keys or boxes.
    • Corrected the name for the final day daily login reward.
    • Anvil at Sponsor zone has been fixed.
    • Fixed some lagg issues with Player Owned Shops.

    Please reload your client.

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