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    Update #73

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    Connor    65

    Update #73

    the Island Minigame:

    I have dedicated this update to reworking the minigame, as currently it's difficult to complete and lacks rewards.

    The waves have been reworked and there is now a maximum wave of level 50! At wave 50 you will experience an onslaught from 25 monsters!

    More items can now be dropped from the mobs to give a better variety of gear to use.


    COVID-19 Shooting Axe - AOE ranged weapon that shoots a deadly virus at your targets.

    Island Starter Pack - Once unlocked, when loading into the minigame, you will start with a set of basic armour and a weapon.

    Island Starter Runes Increased  - Once unlocked, you will start with twice as many runes.


    Other changes;

    Coronavirus Void monsters are no longer invisible.


    Blow Your Head Off (virus):

    This is long over due and we have finally have delivered!

    You can now research this dangerously powerful item at the research table.

    An upgraded version of the BYHO (U), this will give any other weapon a run for it's DPS. It's AOE damage is 2x the power of the (u) version.



    • AOE damage on the Blow Your Head Off (u) has been increased significantly. 
    • Daily challenge task will now display in your chat on login.
    • You can no longer use Owner Capes or P2W rings at Bork.

    Please reload your client.

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