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    Update #75

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    Connor    65

    Update #75


    As we intend to do this year, we will continue to have a period of celebration throughout the whole year. We now move away from Valentines day to celebrate getting diabetes from eating a load of chocolate eggs!

    Mystery Easter Donation Egg:

    Open one of these bad boys for some unique loot!


    5 x Store Mystery Boxes,
    20 x Insanely OP Keys,
    2 x $50 Bonds,

    Original Bunny Ears (Will never be obtainable again),
    Easter Ring (125% d/r bonus),
    Lucky Rabbit Foot (150% d/r bonus),
    Enhanced Easter Carrot (Highest hitting & largest radius for melee AOE),
    Easter Bunny Pet (Attacks your target),
    Easter Bunny Head (Highest strength bonus ingame, however 0 accuracy bonus),
    Sharpshooting Bunny Head (Very powerful ranged item),
    Magical Bunny Head (Very powerful magic item),


    Easter Egg Patches:

    You will now find Easter Egg patches located around the home area.

    These work similar to the snow patches, so enjoy some chill time, whilst gaining rewards!




    3 new titles can now be obtained!

    "Host" - Obtained when you become a gamble host.
    Easter" - Obtained by purchasing the unlock from the Stolen Easter Egg store.
    Bunny" - Obtained by purchasing the unlock from the Stolen Easter Egg store.


    • You can now stack up to 4 Double Drop scrolls.
    • Fixed a bug with a players custom armour.
    • Valentines boss has been removed.
    • Valentines roses event has been removed.
    • ::rewardvote & ::claimvote commands have now been added.

    Please reload your client.

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