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    Update #76

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    Connor    65

    Update #76

    Raging Ranger:

    The latest boss to land in the world of Mythical is the Raging Ranger. One of the hardest hitting bosses in game, without soulsplit and a fast weapon, you don't stand a chance! 

    Be sure to keep your hitpoints high, because you never know when he might burst into rage!


    Maxhit: 650
    Hitpoints: 12M
    Weakness: Melee

    Drops (Casket of Rage):

    Raging Boots - (Best in slot boots for ranged),
    Crystal of Rage - (Used at the research table to create new Ranged power armour).


    Around the area you will see lots of Fuming Midgets. These guys are fairly low level and drop Fuming armour which is used in the creation of the new Raging Ranger armour.

    Raging Ranger armour:

    This new Ranged armour is the BIS power armour for range. It can be created at the research table as displayed below;



    • Fixed a bug allowing players to renew there prayer items, prior to it finishing. This was causing a timer overlap.
    • A man in love teleport will no longer appear in the teleport interface.
    • The daily reward for snowballs has been changed to Stolen Easter Eggs.
    • World Boss Totem 2 & Dragon-age armour will now announce as a rare drop.
    • Well of Goodwill has been reduced to 40,000 bags to activate.
    • Fixed an issue causing the server console to spam.

    Please reload your client.

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