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    Price Guide (OUT-DATED)

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    Jake    7

    Price Guide (This is not the actual prices of items, it is merely a reference for players to use)

    Hellfire shadow sword = 160-180k bags
    Hellfire sword = 110-130k
    Lit sword = 100-120k
    Mythical supreme bow = have no idea
    Molten MG = 110-140k
    Dragon lava staf = 65-75k
    New wand (idk name) = 100k
    Frost staf =100-130k
    So for melee its bis but not that expensive.
    Crex part = 10k ea
    Blackstone vesta = 25k part ea
    Molten parts = 50k ea
    dragon age parts 30k ea
    Op key parts 1.5-3k ea

    About drop rate items
    Ring for 50% (you can grind em out) 10-15k
    Boots 50% (wich you upgrade em with ring) 20-30k
    Paper sack = 30-40k
    Karmja gloves 50% = 30-50k (only from op chest)
    Rose gloves 100%= 80-100k
    Spirit cape 100% (upgradable with paper sack) 100-110k
    Cape with 125% (option to buy em with tokens) 110-120k
    Oh and coll neck = 30-40k
    Coll (i) 50k
    Oh and boots 100  = 80-100k
    Bone cape 50= 30-50k

    Infernal virtus 40-60k per part
    Purplefire 3-8k per part
    Dark blue 1-3k per part
    Battlemage 500-1k per part
    Acid justiciar armor (15dr) = 25-30k ea
    Abbysal armor (15dr) =4.5k per part
    Same goes for justicat price is per part
    Ecto tokens 4ecto= 1 bag
    Rex pice = 4k ea
    Hulk pice = 3.5k ea
    Deffender pice = 3k ea
    Deffender sword  = 5-10k
    Infernal kitesheild = 5-10k
    Silver torva = 2k part
    Iluminati = 1k part
    Crex scyte and cape = 5k ea
    Ok range:
    Molten rank 1 (we already have prices)
    Ancient sirenic = 15k ea pice (defo need to be buffed)
    Skyrocket torva = 5-10k ea
    Vortex armor = 3-8k ea
    Crimson pernix = 2k ea part*
    American pernix elite =1k ea
    Trickster =500 ea
    American pernix 250 per part


    World Totem #1 20k bags
    World Totem #2 200k
    World Totem #3 250k


    1000$ bonds - 500k bags

    500$ bonds - 250k bags

    200$ bonds - 100k bags

     150$ bonds- 75k bags

    100$ bonds- 50k bags

    50$ Bonds- 25k bags

    25$- 12,500 Bags

    10$ -  6,250

    5$ bond - 3,000-3,250
    This Price Guide is not mine and was asked to post it for 2 players. @addicus and @bloodyface <- Credited users for making this. I will not accept any hatred towards this guide as it is merely just a guide / reference for players to get a rough estimation on their item's value.



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