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    Update #86

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    Connor    78

    Update #86

    Bond Points:

    As the poll passed for this new bit of content to be added, I can now share what has been added.

    When redeeming a bond of any kind, you will now be prompted with the option for either Donation Value, or Points. This is a 1:1 ratio, so $1 is 1 point.

    Store Contents:

    Gold plated spike gun (30% droprate bonus):
    Shied of Awakening:
    5% Droprate Token (Perm - stacks 20x)
    Winged Donator Cape:
    Umbron Wand:
    Mario Head (50% droprate bonus):


    • Titles no longer reset on login.
    • Giant Lamb's rare drops are now more common than before.
    • Giant Lamb's tile radius is now 5 squares. This will stop pets from blocking it's click radius.
    • Succubus access now only requires 1,000 Crex kills.
    • Crex access now only requires 250 Crex Minion kills.
    • To create Elite Succubus now requires 2,500 Crex kills.
    • Slim Boy (T1) now has the upgrade text in the chat when clicked.
    • Doctor's hat examine now says the correct HP boost.
    • Doctor's gown (Upgraded) now has stats.
    • White Infinity has been added to the Red Key chest.
    • Dungeoneering experience has been significantly increased.
    • The following monsters drop rates/table have been tweaked/buffed;

    Water Newb,
    Ancient Wizard.

    Please reload your client.

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