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    Update #88

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    Connor    78

    Update #88

    Summer Box:

    Summer is starting early in Mythical! Check out this new box!


    Gauntlet Splitter (perk) - Once redeemed, all Gauntlet weapons will become 1H (These cannot be used with Ice Dragon defender).
    Tortoise Pet - +300 HP & provides the most damage from a pet in game.
    Light Aggression Totem  - Makes monsters around you aggression for 5 minutes per click, unlimited usage. Can be combined with the Aggression Totem to upgrade to 15 minute intervals.
    Heat Healing Aura - +500 HP
    Offhand Ice Cream - BIS melee offhand with Frostbite passive effect. 5% chance to deal extra damage.
    Water Gun - Top tier Ranged weapon with Splash Surge passive effect. Random chance to deal a huge hit on your target.
    July Partyhat - 140% drop rate bonus + 15k Strength.

    5 x Store Mystery Boxes,
    20 x Insanely OP Keys,
    2 x $50 Bonds.



    Evil Baby:

    The latest boss has arrived. This baby is rather larger than expected!

    The zone itself is a single area with multiple spawns. They also respawn almost instantly, so no need to steal someone elses spot!


    HP: 2,000,000
    Max Hit: 900 (Can 1,500 poison damage - can be avoided with immunity)
    Weakness: Magic


    Baby Toy Hammer (Special attack - Uses 90% of your Hit points to land damage up to 25x it's value)
    Diaper (mid-tier),
    A Pile of Shit Codex (Created once collected all 4 pages) - Either unlock the perk (Random chance to poison your target 10,000 damage by throwing baby poo at them), or the title "Baby".




    • Spring box items have been added to the seasonal machine.
    • P2W ring has had its price permanently reduced to $200.
    • Aggression Totem standard time has been increased to 10 minutes.
    • Giant Lamb rares have now been changed 1/800 drop. This is the final change.
    • Fixed a bug allowing single use prayer scroll to be overwritten.
    • New NPC tasks have been added for the Evil Baby.
    • New NPC task has been added for Solak.
    • NPC task reward will now correctly inform you of where your loot has been put.
    • Npc task interface has been correctly organised.
    • Goku 1/10k drops are now 1/5k.
    • Starter tasks at ::train now reward tax bags as well as the items.

    Please reload your client.

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