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    Update #89

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    Connor    78

    Update #89

    Donation Perk Tree:

    Due to the nature of how bonds are in the server, donating yourself doesn't have much benefit other than the item you get. So after discussions with players & staff, this is what we've come up with. Thank you to One for suggesting it.

    NOTE: This does not count from your total donated value, its from a new value called Actual Donated. We didn't have a way to back trace this, so I will allow players who have donated previously to discord PM me proof of these payments to get the amount added. Bare in mind, if you sold the donation to another player then you cannot claim it. 




    Please see Discord #Announcements for how to claim your Amount Spent.


    Item Value Overhaul:

    215 more items have now been added/edited to the TAX BAG store, so get rid of that junk in your bank and make a few quid!

    Some of these items have also been given Recycled Coin values.


    • Damage hits plats will now display the correct amount of damage you have dealt.
    • An issue causing Aggression totems to not work after 5 minutes has now been fixed.
    • Fixed an issue causing some monsters to not react to Aggression totem.
    • Recycle centre tool bag now displays the correct bonus when recycle > 1 item.
    • Crex minions no longer freeze players in place.
    • Valentines loot box has been removed from the Store Mystery Box.
    • Crazy Fucking OP Key has been added to the Store Mystery Box.
    • You can no longer roll a 0 on BlackJack.
    • Examining an item will now display it's Tax Bag value.
    • Added :referral code for JETMAN.

    Please reload your client.

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