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    Update #90

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    Connor    78

    Update #90

    Mini Demon Zone:

    A new zone can now be accessed using the Mini Demon Teleport Scroll from the Loyalty Point Store.


    Hit points: 750,000
    Weakness: Ranged
    Max Hit: 400


    Toxic Ring (BIS) - Can be upgraded to Toxic Ring (u) for drop rate bonus, collectors effect and even better stats.
    Toxic Demon armour (Toxic Spit Effect)

    NOTE: You can also upgrade the P2W Ring (ui) with the upgraded Toxic Ring.








    • You can now purchase Tax Bag tickets from the raid points store which redeem up to 350,000 Tax Bags.
    • Raging ranger has had some junk loot replaced with items of value.
    • Dragon Slayer Destroyer attack speed has been reduced.
    • Mental Case's will no longer teleport around the room.
    • Knight's double experience has now been fixed.
    • Box of Chocolates can now be traded after the effect has expired.
    • Automatic Cannon Reload Perk can now be traded after the effect has expired.
    • The X button on the Donation Perk Tree interface now works correctly.
    • The X button on the Npc Tasks interface now works correctly.
    • Fixed an issue causing the Aggression Totem perk to not work correctly.
    • A bunch of monsters dropping noted Crystal Keys, now drop unnoted versions.
    • The price of creating a Collectors Perk has been reduced to 3,000,000.
    • Fixed some pet names appearing incorrect in the POS.
    • Fixed a bug preventing players from using the Infinite Overload at the Reborn King.

    Please reload your client.

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