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    Update #91

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    Connor    78

    Update #91

    Rogue Penguin:

    As the Spring Lamb leaves, a new badass is in town!

    There is an NPC task for this boss! At 4,000 kills you will be given a guarantee rare loot box. This will draw one of the unique items.


    Hit points: 50,000,000
    Weakness: Melee
    Max Hit: 400

    Unique Rewards:

    Offhand Summer Fishing Rod (Random loot during PVM),
    Ice Cream Hat (175% drop rate bonus),
    x2 Event Boss Damage Perk (Double damage against ALL limited time bosses. This includes future ones),
    Hot Tits (Title).

    NOTE: Summer Fishing Rod was added because of the original drop rate issue with Lamb, so we added a different colour variant for the summer, but they work the same.






    • Toxic Ring (u) no longer gives the incorrect amount of drop rate bonus.
    • Fat Boy NPC tasks now add up correctly.
    • Using CTRL+B whilst skilling will now stop whatever you're doing.
    • Collectors Perk creation no longer stats you need 5M tax bags.
    • Some extra single zone Mini Demon's have been added north of the teleport.
    • WildyWyrm will no longer spawn.
    • You can now correctly upgrade your P2W Ring (ui).
    • Toxic Ring upgrade now states you need 500k Tax Bags to upgrade.
    • Fixed a bug preventing players gaining the maximum from Slayer Bonus Scrolls.
    • Spring Lamb has been removed.

    Please reload your client.

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