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    Update #93

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    Connor    78

    Update #93

    Completionist Cape (t):

    You can now obtain the Completionist Cape (t) from the Completionist Cape Stand at home, bear ::Egg.

    You will need to have completed the following requirements to obtain it;



    Cape Perks:

    100% Drop Rate Bonus
    Completionist Guild Teleport
    Ava's Accumulator Benefit




    Upgrading Completionist Cape (t):

    You can upgrade the cape at the research table with the Owner Cape (OP).

    This increases the stats to 110K, 200% Drop Rate Bonus & all other benefits, but also makes it untradeable.



    • Added a new interface for viewing Completionist cape requirements.
    • Max & Comp cape colours now appear correctly on cosmetic overrides.
    • Max cape inventory icon has been fixed.
    • Completionist cape particles are now white.
    • Max cape no longer has particles.
    • Fixed a bug causing Mythical Bunny pet to be aggressive to players.
    • Avernic Defender is no longer in the Seasonal Donation Machine.
    • May'o Book is no longer in the Seasonal Donation Machine.
    • Dragonfire Ward is no longer in the Seasonal Donation Machine.
    • Ring of Love is no longer in the Seasonal Donation Machine.
    • Zaros Sword is no longer in the Seasonal Donation Machine.
    • Fixed a bug causing the first Daily Challenge to auto complete for a new player.
    • Infernal Wings now has a recycle & tax bag value.

    Please reload your client.

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