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    Update #94

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    Connor    78

    Update #94

    Game Timers:

    We have added some new interface timers for the following;

    Prayer Scrolls,
    Aggression Totems,
    Automatic Cannon Reload Perk,
    Double Drop Scrolls,
    Stat Boosters.

    These will all appear along the left side of your screen.



    Referral System:

    We have updated the entire referral system. It was very basic and rarely used correctly.

    We have added an interface which will now pop-up for all new players, existing players can also use ::refer. This has also been further developed to offer us a greater insight into where is best to advertise.

    Rewards have also been updated to be more appealing for users.

    • Pokemon upgrading requirements will now display all together, rather than 1 by 1.
    • Fixed a bug allowing Dwarf Cannon Reload perk to last longer than the set time.
    • Fixed a bug allowing Box of Chocolates effect to last longer than the set time.
    • Avernic defender value has been fixed.
    • L'il Lamb's turmoil boost has been increased.
    • New players will no longer be redirected to the Guides on forums.
    • Brawling gloves will no longer cause your character to null.
    • Fixed a bug causing players with completionist capes in overrides to crash.
    • Rogue Penguin should no longer fail to respawn.
    • Solak NPC task now updates for all players involved.

    Please reload your client.

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