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    Update #97

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    Connor    78

    Update #97

    Psycho Mystery Box:

    A new limited time boss has arrived in the home area!

    We have reintroduced the 4,000 KC for a guaranteed rare drop!


    50M HP
    Weakness: Melee
    Max Hit: 40


    Psycho Box pet (highest damaging pet ingame),
    Reinforced Helmet (105% d/r),
    Reinfoced Body (105% d/r),
    Reinforced Legs (105% d/r).
    Psycho (title).





    Quarantine Chest:

    The latest Limited Edition donation box has arrived!

    Possible Loot:

    Virus Codex - (Once unlocked, it causes the Molten Cough perk damage to be doubled),
    Quarantine Ring - (+100HP & top tier stats - Can also be upgraded with BIS P2W & Toxic Ring (u)),
    Diseased Aura - (Whilst worn, Prayer Scroll & Aggression Totems will grant +10 minutes),
    Vaccine Needle (weapon) - (Grants +100 hitpoints, 100% droprate bonus & deals 2x hits),
    COVID-19 Head - (25% chance to deal 25-40% extra damage per hit),
    Anti-Vax Shield - (Whilst worn, rare loot from chests are 20% more common),
    Double Chest Loot Aura - (10% chance to double loot).

    5 x Store Boxes,
    500 x Limited Key Tokens,
    1,000 x Limited Key Tokens.

    Limited Key Tokens have now replaced OP Keys & Bonds in limited edition boxes. They can be used to create Seasonal Donation Keys, or Crazy Fucking OP Keys.

    • Added new referral names to the referral system.
    • All Completionist cape (t) requirements now show correctly.
    • Harvest 250 Ancient Herbs achievement now progresses correctly.
    • Bank storage has been increased to 400 slots.
    • Fishing rod loot is now noted.
    • Voting now gives 500 Tax Bags per vote.
    • You can now override Fishing Rods.
    • You can no longer make more Summoning pouches than empty slots in your inventory.
    • May'O Book now sells to the Tax Bag store.
    • Vader Body, Legs, Helmet, Gloves, Boots & Cloak can now be transformed in Vader Element.

    Please reload your client.

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