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    Update #98

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    Connor    78

    Update #98

    Collection Log:

    This has taken a long time due to the amount of work it takes to produce, but I hope you all enjoy it! There are 55 individual logs to be completed!

    In a few updates there will be titles for completing logs, so get grinding!




    • A new interface will now show once per day when you unlock a new daily login reward.
    • Referral interface will no longer force appear on login, users must access it themselves for the extra rewards.
    • Fixed the scoreboards interface now showing all options.
    • Runite ore from the Spring Fishing Rod is now noted.
    • Fixed a Trivia question which had an incorrect answer.
    • A bunch of interfaces that weren't going away after leaving the area/activty have been fixed.
    • Candy Cane is no longer a reward from the Seasonal Donation Machine.
    • Donated/Spent no longer extends out of the interface.
    • Ring of Love now has a tax bag value.
    • Dragonfire Ward now has a tax bag value.
    • Perks interface now shows all the perks correctly.
    • Fixed a bug causing female characters to glitch when overriding party hats.
    • Corrected Reinforced armour examine text.
    • The railing around Vaders at ::spz has been removed.
    • Vader armour transform option is no longer to first click option.

    Please reload your client.

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